What Will Get You Kicked Out of the Watch Gang Exchange

Just Don't Do It

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What You Should Never Post in the Watch Gang Exchange

Beyond the basic rules for participating in the Watch Gang Exchange, there are certain things you cannot post at any time for any reason. Doing so will likely result in removal from the group and deletion of your posts. Here are some things you should NEVER consider posting in WGE:

  • Posting FAKES/REPLICAS/COUNTERFEIT WATCHES (or any other type of fake item for that matter). These are NOT ALLOWED to be POSTED, SOLD, TRADED or DISCUSSED on the Watch Gang Exchange Facebook Group. ALL posts with replica/fake watches will be REMOVED WITHOUT NOTICE and the member may be subject to removal from the group. This includes sales posts, general questions, informational posts as well as "want to buy" posts. NOTE: Posting a legitimate question of whether a watch is genuine is okay. However, once it is determined to be fake, the post will be removed.
  • GoFundMe links, requesting donations or fundraising. Requests for assistance with fundraising, donations or asking for assistance in general with expenses is NOT ALLOWED to be done in any manner or form. Members are not allowed to ask for funding for GoFundMe campaigns (for any cause), ask for donations to assist other members or hold auctions on the behalf of other members. In addition, no posts should include any reference to needing to sell something off to help with personal debt (copy of bill). These are all things that can be handled personally and not appropriate for a watch exchange group. This includes solicitations for free watches due to lack of funds, being new to the hobby or to assist with a hardship.
  • No Raffles or "waffles" are to be held, promoted, discussed or mentioned on The Watch Gang Exchange (WGE) FB Group. This rule includes all other posts which involve gambling, contests for value and other giveaways which involve risk of loss by the participants. All posts including any of these items will be removed. NOTE: Watch Gang was advised by their legal team regarding this policy and it is meant to protect WG from liability.
  • NO sales, trades, or auctions for MYSTERY boxes/watches. All items being sold or traded MUST BE known to the buyers and listed in the post. All items offered in exchange for an item listed for trade MUST include an ACTUAL PHOTO of the item and be in the possession of the person offering it for sale or trade.
  • The sale of firearms and firearm related accessories is NOT allowed on WGE. Knives are okay, but only in exchange for watches. Firearms/Guns are allowed to be included in posts, such as an EDC photo with your watch. Please remember, this is a watch exchange group and that should be the focus.
  • Alcohol, Animal and Vehicle sales and trades
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia posts or posts about the sale of these items. These posts will be deleted without notice.
  • Sexually explicit photos and/or related content are not allowed to be sold or posted on WGE. These posts will be deleted and member removed from the group WITHOUT NOTICE.
  • Links to your sales on other Facebook groups or outside auction sites (eBay). If you wish to post an item for sale, please use the SALE feature on WGE only. All outside links will be deleted without notice.
  • Non-Watch Gang affiliated groups or pages
  • POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS/RACIAL/SEXUAL topics and/or posts. Any posts of this nature will be deleted WITHOUT NOTICE. Members who consistently make these types of posts or remarks may be suspended from the group.
  • Non-watch related topics are not allowed on WGE and will be deleted without notice. This does not include posts regarding watch accessories and related products, which are allowed
  • Promotion or linking of other Facebook groups are not allowed on WGE
Sales posts are reviewed and confirmed on a frequent basis. As a result, group members will be required to provide information to support the fact that they are, indeed, Watch Gang subscribers. If this is not provided, the post under review is subject to removal.

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