Watch Gang Glossary: Learn the Watch Gang Lingo

Learn or Brush Up on Watch Gang Speak

Watch Gang Glossary

Ultimate Guide to Gang Speak

Been seeing things like FTO...OBO...and Wrist Check popping up in posts? These are acronyms and terms we use within the Watch Gang community so you’ll need to brush up on your WG vocab.  If you’re new to the world of watches, jump down Section 5: Watches 101 first.  If you’re an avid watch enthusiast and new to Watch Gang, you can skip 101 or just use it to brush up on your watch knowledge.

We've organized the Watch Gang Glossary into the following sections for easy reference. We'll be adding more here as we go so bookmark this page and check back often when you need a refresher! 

  1. Subscriptions
  2. Group Speak
  3. The Wheel
  4. Trading
  5. Watches 101
  6. Watch Brands


Sub: A watch that comes from one of the subscription levels

Regular/OG/Original Sub: The lowest level subscription that gives you access to fashionable watches and microbrands worth at least $50 to $150 ($29 with shipping)

Black/Black Sub: The middle level subscription that gives you access to affordable luxury watch brands worth at least $150 to $500 ($99 with shipping)

Plat/Platinum Sub: The highest level subscription that gives you access to premium microbrands and luxury watch brands worth at least $500 to $1,500 ($299 with shipping)

Centum: An invite-only subscription offered to Watch Gang members in good standing. Not available every month. Watches are worth $1,500 to $5,000 and are guaranteed from authorized dealers. Membership is $999 plus $20 shipping, includes insurance and requires signature upon delivery. Waiting list available here.



WGE: Watch Gang Exchange. The official Facebook Group for trading and selling watches and other items with Watch Gang members. Also a place to show your love for everything watches.

WOTD: Watch of the Day. You’ll see people post pictures of what watch is on their wrist as the WOTD

Mod: A moderator or admin that helps manage the Watch Gang Exchange Facebook page. Our moderators are Brent Azus and Mark A. Andrews.

OP: Original poster

PM: Private Message

Paypal: The most popular and common payment form used on the exchange

Grail: Your dream or ultimate watch. For some this can only be one but for others it can be multiple. The general consensus is it’s a coveted watch that you absolutely love

Bump: A comment to increase activity on a post and make it move higher up to the top and make it seen by more people

TIA: Thanks in Advance



Wheel: A lottery like wheel you can spin to get a choice at 8 different watches you choose. You’ll find it at, and can be spun even if you don’t have an active subscription. The probability of landing on a watch within an available tier – from the lowest to highest available tier – is 82.2%, 15%, 2.36%, .4%, and .04%.

Tier: Refers to the different levels of watches available on the wheel, there are 3 different wheels. On the Tier 1 wheel you are guaranteed at least a Tier 1 watch but at least have a probability of winning a watch of a higher tier.

Microbrand: Similar to a microbrew for beer, except for watches. A brand of watches that typically aren’t carried in stores (yet) and make most of their sales online or through independent sellers. Unless you’re an enthusiast, chances are you’ll hear about the brand through Watch Gang.



ISO: In Search Of

WTB: Want To Buy

LNIB: Like New In Box

BNIB: Brand New in Box

FSOT: For Sale or Trade

FTO: For Trade Only

FSO: For Sale Only

OBO: Or Best Offer

F&F: Friends and Family. A form of payment on PayPal that doesn't have the goods and services charge but offers no buyers or sellers protections. NOT advised unless you trust the person you are dealing with because you are responsible for your own trades not WG.

G&S: The small fee PayPal charges that offers protection for scams and ripoffs

CONUS: Continental United States

Case Size: The distance from one edge of the case to the opposite side at the widest point excluding the crown. "Face" may confuse newbs

Full Kit: Box, Links, Papers, etc. All the goodies that came with the watch

Trade Value: The alleged value of the watch when it’s traded since there’s inherently a difference in value of the watch in trades versus cash

Multiple: A trade involving multiple watches

Venmo: A payment app

Cash App: A payment app run by square cash


5. WATCHES 101

Acrylic Crystal: Crystal covering made of inexpensive plastic. Generally easy to scratch

Analog: Watch dial with twelve markers that displays the time with an hour and minute hand

ATM (Atmosphere): A unit of measurement used to measure water resistance. One ATM = 33 feet (10 meters)

Auto (Automatic): Also known as a self-winding movement or manual movement. Refers to an automatic movement of a watch which means it powers itself by the movement of your wrist.

Bezel: Surface ring on the watch that holds the crystal in place

Bracelet: Flexible metal watch strap with links. May be detachable to change the length of the strap

Caliber/Calibre: A synonym for the movement of a watch

Cambered: Curved or arched bezel or dial

Case: The part of the watch that contains the movement and the dial (a.k.a. the body)

Chrono: Fancy word for stopwatch or timer (chronograph)

Complication: Any feature on a watch outside of the time display

Crown: The small knob you turn and use to change the time/date on a mechanical watch

Day-Date: Complication on a watch that displays the day of the week and the date. Not to be confused with a date taking place during daylight hours.

Dial: The watch face, the main part of the watch you look at behind the numbers

Digital Display: LCD display on a quartz watch or numerals showing the time on a mechanical watch

Diver: A type of water-resistant watch that typically has a rotatable bezel that was originally designed for sports and diving to keep time intervals.

EOL: End of Life Indicator found on a quartz watch that makes the second hand jump in 5-second intervals when the battery is about to die. Not to be confused with a broken watch -- it’s just a sign to change the battery.

Flyback (Retour en vol): A feature of pilot watches where the chronograph hand can be reset to zero and easily started again by pressing on the push piece

Frequency: The number of vibrations per second, measured in hertz (Hz)

Jewels: Synthetic sapphire or ruby stones used as gears in a mechanical watch. High-quality watches contain at least 17 jewels.

Karat (Carat): Measure of gold and gemstone weight. Pure gold is 24K.

Lugs: The small extensions on either side of the bezel where the body of the watch attaches to the bracelet or strap.

Lume: The way a watch glows in the dark

Military Time (24-hour time): When time is measured in 24 hours segments so there is no a.m. or p.m. reference.

Mineral Crystal: Made with heat-treated elements that makes it scratch resistant

Mod: Any type of modification to a watch. Ask around and you can find some completely customized watches!

MOP: Mother of Pearl. An iridescent and milky luster used on some watch dials, looks like the inside of a mollusk shell.

Movement: The main component of what makes a watch tick. There are technically three types of movements: the two most popular are automatic and quartz; the other is a manual wind which is similar to an automatic

Platinum: A rare precious metal that’s also one of the heaviest and strongest of all metals. Often used to make limited edition watches. Tarnish resistant and also hypoallergenic.

Quartz: A watch powered by a battery that sends electricity to the quartz crystal inside the watch. The quartz crystal vibrates at a precise frequency of 32,768 times per second.

Sapphire Crystal: Most durable and expensive of all crystals. Can be made with a non-reflective coating

Skeleton Movement: A watch without a dial so you can see the movement through the watch face

SS: Stainless Steel

Rose Gold: Gold with copper mixed in to create a pinkish hue. Popular as a retro style trend.

Ratchet Bezel: Bezel ring that can either turn counter clockwise or clockwise

Tritium: The material in the tubes that makes the watch face illuminate

Waterproof: Technically water resistant since now watch can be 100 percent waterproof

Water Resistant: Different watches can handle different diver’s depths. Can withstand splashes of water or rain but shouldn’t be worn while showering, swimming, or diving unless it’s been tested to 50 to 100 meters. 1000 meters (3300 feet) is a good match for professional deep sea diving. 50 meters (165 feet) is okay for showering or swimming at the very shallow end of the pool.

White Gold: Gold with the addition of nickel or palladium. Usually 18K

Yellow Gold: Traditional color of gold, gold mixed with stainless steel, or other combinations of precious metals that create the gold tone.


OOO: Out Of Order

OC: Ocean Crawler

OG: Original Grain

DB: Deep Blue

Tag: Tag Heuer