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Watch Gang Centum Tier watches are only available through an exclusive, invite-only program and extended to members in good standing. These watches are valued at a few thousand dollars and only limited quantities are available. Many members and non-members are curious about how the Centum Tier works and what types of watches are sent through this program. Here's what you need to know:

About Watch Gang Centum Tier Watches 

Members who get invited to the Centum Tier program receive watches from high-end watch brands and watchmakers.

All Centum Tier watches are guaranteed authentic and are sourced from some of today’s leading watchmakers. When you sign up for this program, you can expect to pay $1,000 to $1,500 for a watch that’s worth up to $5,000.

The Centum Tier membership might be worth your while if you:

  • Want to be surprised with a new premium, luxury watch every month
  • Are a serious watch collector or watch connoisseur
  • Want to expand your collection of designer luxury watches
  • Love to splurge on watches and show off your latest find
  • Want watches that you plan to keep, not trade

Centum members are still entered to win the weekly Rolex and TAG giveaways each week. Most members who end up joining the Centum program aren’t doing it in hopes of selling or trading the watch in the near future. The program is well-suited for those who simply love watches and want to get their hands on a watch that’s been hand-picked by our team and is a rare find. You can put yourself on the waitlist for the Centum program here.

Centum Tier Watches

Here's a sampling of Centum Tier watches we've sent out in the past:

NOMOS Glashutte Tangente 38

Maurice LaCroix Ponto S Diver Watch

Here’s a Watch Gang Centum review from one of our members:

TCM Orienteering Concrete Watch



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