Watch Gang Exchange – Basic Rules of Conduct

Don't Make Us Kick You Out

Basic Rules of Conduct

How to Behave in WGE...So You Don't Get Kicked Out

Every club has a set of rules that members follow and the Watch Gang Exchange (WGE) is no different. We want everyone to have a great time here, connect with like-minded watch enthusiasts and indulge in their watch addiction. For that to happen, please be respectful and cognizant about what you post. We will NOT tolerate any type of abuse, harassment, or bullying in the group and do have moderators monitoring everything that makes its way to the feed. So here are the basic Watch Gang Exchange rules:

First and foremost, remember this group is NOT designed for customer service support. If you need help with a Watch Gang-related issue, you can email us, call us, or submit feedback directly to Watch Gang online.

Contact Us: Quick Reference Guide

Need help with something? We’re always here to help! Here’s the contact info you need when you really, really need to talk to someone.

NOTE: Please do not contact our founder/CEO Matt Gallagher directly or tag him in your posts as he does not monitor them. He wants your problem resolved as quickly as possible and it will be solved much faster by going through appropriate channels, we promise! Trust our team -- any questions will not be answered without speaking with Matt beforehand as the Moderators of this page have been selected by Matt himself.

Anything WGE-Related

Email moderator Brent Azus at [email protected]


Brent Azus on Facebook

Mark A. Andrews on Facebook

Customer Service Inquiries

Original, Black, or General Inquiries:

Platinum and Centum Inquiries: [email protected]

Customer support number: (844) 413-7017

Watch Gang Exchange Rules of Participation

If you need help or have a question related to the Watch Gang Exchange Facebook Group, please tag a moderator (Brent Azus or Mark A. Andrews) in a post or send them a private message on Facebook. Keep in mind, Moderators of this page are members just like you.

NO BUSINESS PROMOTION posts of any kind are allowed without the approval of a Watch Gang administrator. This includes posting of your business contact details or actively marketing to WGE members via posts or other means. This includes the addition of a business card in your post.

TROLLING, BAITING, BULLYING, HARASSING and other INTENTIONALLY defamatory posts are NOT PERMITTED. This also includes, doxing. Do not participate in witch hunts in the group. If someone screwed over another member, they will be added to our "alert" post with proper due diligence. This is to protect everyone from participating in risky trades/purchases. These types behavior in the group will NOT BE TOLERATED and will be dealt with swiftly and all members involves are subject to REMOVAL FROM THE GROUP WITHOUT NOTICE OR EXPLANATION.

If you disagree with something in this group, please reach out to a moderator/administrator respectfully with your concern or question. We promise that if you give respect you will receive it in return. Openly disrespectful comments towards and harassment of our moderators will NOT BE TOLERATED. They are here to help with questions and administer the group's rules, so being openly aggressive towards them in a post or via PM is NOT ALLOWED and could RESULT IN REMOVAL from the group.

Buying, Trading & Selling Rules of Conduct

Only ACTIVE Watch Gang subscribers are allowed post watches for sale, trade or auction. If you ARE NOT a subscriber, you can still participate in all sale, trade or auctions, but can't initiate a new post.

A WGE member is considered an “active subscriber” if any one of the two apply:

  • They have a current subscription with Watch Gang for the month
  • They have an account with Watch Gang which is on hold AND have current purchase activity during the month (wheel or flash sale purchases).

Both of these criteria apply during the month that the FSOT post is placed on WGE by the member.

If your Watch Gang membership has been cancelled, you can no longer post items for sale, trade or auction on WGE.

ONLY ONE "BUMP" (Bring My Post Up) is allowed on ANY sale, trade or auction post within a 12 hours period. Sale, trade or auction posts that are bumped in excess of this standard are subject to being SHUT DOWN for comments or completely DELETED from the WGE group page. For AUCTIONS, this rule includes auction timing updates and reminders of who/what the top bid/bidders are (NOT allowed). The ONLY comments allowed are answers to questions within the posts. This rule has been put in place to allow ALL posts to receive the same exposure and opportunity to be viewed by members.

If you truly are questioning the authenticity of a watch, please contact Mark A. Andrews as he has a tremendous amount of knowledge with higher end brands that may be copied. He can also point you in the direction of the best resource for that matter.

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