Running Flash Sales in the Watch Gang Exchange

So You Want to Be a Flasher?

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Guide to Posting Items for a Flash Sale in WGE

The goal behind a Flash Sale is to have fun and provide Watch Gang members with ridiculously low prices. Flash sales are NOT a single sales post with multiple watches. A flash sale is an ongoing sales post where the prices are so low, no member will find your watch at a lower price ANYWHERE. Remember: It’s the Watch Gang way!

Ready to host a Flash Sale? Click in the Post field in the WGE Group and this screen will pop up:

How Flash Sales Work

1. You advertise your flash sale is starting up to 2 hours before the event. You can provide as much information about the watches you plan to sell or just a simple HINT at what will be available (e.g. Platinum Sub Watches only $100!)

2. Make sure to ‘turn off comments’ until no more than one hour before Flash Sale begins. You can encourage members to ‘Turn on Notifications for this post’ in Facebook so they can keep up with the sale.

3. You publish your Flash Sale listing with details about the items, shipping costs/info, and how members should respond.

4. Members must respond with ‘I WANT IT’ or ‘I WIN’ (or a similar response you’ve chosen and listed in your post) in order to claim the watch. After a trial run, it is highly suggested to have a new “response” for each new watch.

5. If the watch doesn’t sell in X minutes the flash sale is over (you set the time with the goal being a member will wait for the next item you have for sale if they stick around)

6. Please note: ONLY one watch may be advertised at a time, and no dropping the price. The goal is to not have a lag in the sale. You are encouraged to run a fast pace flash sale.

Once the sale is over, you contact members to coordinate the final sale and shipping details.
How to Create a FLASH SALE Posting

Here’s an example of a good Flash Sale post:

FLASH SALE!!!!! Starting at 4pm PST (2 hours). All watches listed will be sold at the price listed with no negotiations. Prices will not drop! Buyer to add $7 shipping to the advertised price. Once one watch is sold, another will be posted.


If watch doesn’t sell in 20 minutes, Flash sale is over!

Remember: The goal of a Flash Sale is to HAVE FUN. It’s a great way to engage with the community and sell a set of items you might not have the chance to sell otherwise.

Just make sure you’re posting authentic watches you own, are being honest about the value and condition, and that you’re ready to ship right away! Don’t let somebody down by not following through with the shipping and delivery. If a member fails to follow through with payment, report them to a moderator and post that item as a regular sale or add it to another Flash Sale.


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