Running Auctions in the Watch Gang Exchange

How to Sell Watches through an Auction in the Watch Gang Exchange

Running Auctions in the Watch Gang Exchange

Complete Guide to Hosting an Auction in WGE

Auctions can be a fun way to move watches quickly and get the community engaged in your listing right away. Since you’re running the auction right in Facebook, Watch Gang’s policy is to limit your auction to 24 hours and only post one auction at a time. This gives everyone a fair chance to bid and the seller a fair chance to sell their items as quickly as possible.

If you go the auction route, you MUST follow these rules. Auctions must be primarily watch related and a majority (75%+) of the value of the auction items must consist of watches and watch related items. If your posts don’t comply with these guidelines, they will be removed!

  • ONLY ONE (1) auction can be held by a WGE member/subscriber at one time.
  • The MINIMUM time for an auction is 12 hours and the MAXIMUM time period for an auction is 48 hours.
  • NO extensions or anti-sniping provisions are permitted.
  • The auction CANNOT set a reserve and cannot end early. The post MUST include a starting price, actual photo of the watch(es) and/or items being sold, bid increments, end date/time and a description/rating of its physical/mechanical condition. The winning bid includes all costs to the buyer, including shipping/handling charges.
  • The seller must shut off comments at the specified end time of the auction to help determine winner of auction. Accordingly, the seller must be available to do so in their post at the end of auction time.

Ready to kick off an auction? Click in the Post field in the WGE Group and this screen will pop up:

Running Auctions in the Watch Gang Exchange

What to Include in an Auction Listing

There are some key details to include in an auction post vs. a standard sales post. You’ll find a couple of examples below. Your auction post should include:

  • Description and condition of the items (see Grading tips here)
  • Starting time and date
  • Ending time and date
  • Starting bid
  • Whether shipping is included
  • Payment expectations — do you expect immediate payment, within 12 hours, within 24 hours, etc.
  • Payment via PayPal, Venmo, or other
  • CLEAR photos
  • Any other personal policies you have for dealing with WG members

What a Great Auction Listing Looks Like

There are a couple of ways to go about posting an auction listing. We highly recommend using paragraphs and spacing for easy reading! Remember: Members are scanning the FB Newsfeed so anything you can do to make reading the post easier will help you. Here are a couple of good examples:

Running Auctions in the Watch Gang Exchange


This is another good example of a successful auction. The details here are great but we do recommend formatting your post with spaces and paragraphs for easy reading:

Running Auctions in the Watch Gang Exchange

Good Luck!


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