How the Watch Gang Centum Tier Works

What Centum Watches Are and Why Everybody Wants One

The Watch Gang Centum program is an exclusive, invite-only program where members can get a watch valued up to $5,000. The program is only offered a few times a year and watches sent through this program are guaranteed authentic from authorized dealers.

If you’ve been hanging out in the Watch Gang Exchange long enough, you’ve probably heard about the Watch Gang Centum Tier. Centum watches are only available through an exclusive, invite-only membership offered to Watch Gang members who are in good standing. These watches have a value of up to $5,000 and are guaranteed authentic from authorized dealers. Here’s a quick look at how the Watch Gang Centum tier works:

How Much Watch Gang Centum Costs

Centum watches are top-tier watches and hand-selected by our team with great care. Even though some are valued at up to $5,000, Watch Gang Centum memberships are $999 plus $20 shipping. This includes insurance and requires a signature upon delivery.

Centum Watch Brands

Many members are curious about the types of brands that make the Centum level subscription. Watch Gang does its due diligence to make sure very watch that’s available with the Watch Gang Centum membership is valued to be at least $1,000 — most are worth between $1,500 and $5,000 and are guaranteed from authorized dealers. 

Can I Sell My Centum Watch?

Most members who get invited to join the Centum program aren’t doing it for profit. If you are looking to flip watches or resell a luxury watch, your best bet might be to join the Platinum tier or spin the Wheel of Watches frequently. Centum watches are the keepers because they’re so rare and because they’ve have been hand-picked by our team exclusively for Centum program members. Giving away these watches like any other watch isn’t the best use of this membership.

How to Get a Watch Gang Centum Membership

The only way to get a Centum membership is to add yourself to the Centum program waiting list. Watch Gang selects members who are in good standing for this tier so it’s a privileged opportunity for watch lovers everywhere. 

Watch Gang Centum Reviews

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