How Watch Gang Wheel Points Work

What It Takes to Spin the Watch Gang Wheel of Watches

Watch Gang Wheel Points allow you to participate in spins on the Wheel of Watches to claim a high-value watch. Points can only be redeemed for Wheel spins and there are a few ways to earn them. If you’re new to the Watch Gang family or just curious about the infamous Wheel of Watches, you’ve probably heard about Watch Gang Wheel Points. You need a certain number of points to be able to spin the wheel for a watch and have the option to can earn points with your membership or buy points with cash. You have to be a paid subscriber to Watch Gang to spin the wheel and only members are allowed to trade or sell watches from the wheel, or otherwise, in the Watch Gang Exchange. Here’s a quick look at how Watch Gang Wheel Points work:

How to Get Wheel Points

You can earn points through Watch Gang or buy points when you log in to the Wheel page. Log in to your account at or have three options for getting Wheel points:
  1. Earn 1 point for every $10 spent on a Renewal Subscription
  2. Earn 100 points after 12 membership renewals
  3. Buy points in packages of 20 to 6,000 at a time for $10 to $2,250. The more you buy at once, the more you save

What Doesn’t Earn You Wheel Points

There are a few Watch Gang transactions that won’t earn you any points to spin the Wheel (sorry). These are:
  • Your first month’s membership
  • Cost of shipping and taxes
  • Any Flash Sale purchases
  • Wheel point purchases
  • Centum program memberships

Using Wheel Points

You can use your Wheel points to buy spins on Wheel #1 (100 points), Wheel #2 (300 points) and Wheel #3 (600 points).  Wheel #3 has top-tier watches while Wheel #1 has more of your everyday, casual watch styles. Spinning ANY wheel gives you a chance to win a Grail watch, such as a Rolex, TAG Heuer, or other luxury watches.