How the Watch Gang Wheel of Watches Works

Get Ready to Spin the Wheel

The Wheel of Watches is an interactive wheel only accessible to Watch Gang members. Spinning the Wheel gives you a chance to buy unique watches at a great price. Many watches on the wheel are coveted, brand name, and luxury watches valued at hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and are always guaranteed to be worth at least -- but sometimes more than -- the price of the spin. Having access to The Wheel of Watches is one of the top benefits of being a Watch Gang member! You can use points you’ve earned through monthly subscription renewals, giveaways, or buy points to spin the wheel of your choice.

Why Would I Want to Spin the Wheel?

If you’re looking to buy a high-quality, unique watch for a great price and want the ability to choose the style and brand, then the Wheel is for you. You get to choose from a large inventory of available watches from brands, like ARAGON and Laco 1925, or even Grail Watches like a Rolex and Omega. One of the unique features of our wheel is you get to customize your wheel based on available watches. This way, you’re guaranteed to get something you like!

The real benefit of spinning the Wheel is the chance to get a luxury watch. The value of Wheel watches can range anywhere from $500 to $1,500+ so many members end up getting a watch that’s worth several hundred dollars more than what they paid to spin the Wheel. If they get a Rolex, Omega, or another Grail watch, they’ve picked up something worth thousands more!

How to Spin the Wheel of Watches

STEP 1: Log In 

Log in to your account at or

Step 2: Check Your Points

Watch Gang Members can purchase points to spin the Wheel and earn points by renewing a monthly subscription. Navigate to ‘The Wheel’ section on your member dashboard and you’ll see how many points you have available as well as your spin history.

There are a few ways to get points for the Wheel:

  1. Earn 1 point for every $10 spent on a subscription renewal
  2. Earn 100 points after 12 monthly subscription renewals
  3. Buy points in packages of 100 to 6,000 for $50-$2400. The more you buy at once, the more you save.
  4. Refer a friend to Watch Gang using your unique referral link and earn 50 reward points which can be used on
  5. Active Watch Gang members are automatically entered to win Wheel points every Wednesday during our live Wheel Point Wednesday giveaway.

STEP 3: Choose Your Wheel

You get to choose the Wheel of Watches based on the types of watches you want to buy -- fashion to super luxury. Your options are:

    • Wheel #1 for stylish and fashionable watches worth $50 and up (150 points)
    • Wheel #2 for affordable luxury watches worth $150 and up (350 points)
    • Wheel #3 for luxury watches worth $270 and up (650 points)
    • Wheel #4 for super luxury watches worth $400 and up (900 points)

Every spin, regardless of the wheel you choose, puts you in the running to get a coveted Grail watch.

No matter what Wheel you spin, you will always receive a watch of equal or greater value than the amount you spent on the spin. Every spin, regardless of the wheel you choose, puts you in the running to get a coveted Grail watch.

STEP 4: Choose Your Watches

The full inventory of available watches is broken down into tiers. On Wheel #1, Tier 4 is the highest tier and Tier 1 is the lowest tier. On Wheel #2, Tier 5 is the highest tier and Tier 2 is the lowest tier. On Wheel #3, Tier 6 is the highest tier and Tier 3 is the lowest tier. On Wheel #4, Tier 4 is the lowest tier and Tier 7 is the highest tier.

You get to pick 8 watches to create your custom wheel and can choose more than one of a single watch on lower tiers to increase your chances of winning it. Each selection will be placed on the Wheel.

For example, on Wheel #1 you could:

  • Pick 3 from Tier 1
  • Pick 2 from Tier 2
  • Pick 1 from Tier 3
  • Pick 1 from Tier 4
  • Pick 1 Grail Watch

STEP 5: Spin the Wheel!

Once you’ve selected your 8 watches, click the SPIN button in the center of the wheel and the needle will land on a watch.

STEP 6: Get Your Watch

Wheel watches are ordered after each spin so your watch will ship within 14 business days of your spin session. It can take 5 to 7 business days after that for you to receive your watch. (International members can expect longer delivery times.) You can track your shipment by clicking ‘The Wheel’ section of your member dashboard and under “Spin History” you’ll find a list of all the watches you’ve spun for and their coordinating tracking numbers. Then, just keep an eye on your mailbox for your shiny new watch!

Things to Know About Wheel Watches

  • No refunds or exchanges. However, if you land on a higher tier watch and would like to opt for a lower tier option, you can reach out to our Member Support team.
  • Option to trade the watch on the Watch Gang Exchange
  • Every spin is guaranteed to result in the purchase of a watch with a retail value of at least the purchase price of points for the spin -- you always get a watch worth at least (but sometimes more than!) what you paid for with points.
  • You could end up with a Grail watch on any wheel, not just Wheel 3 or 4
  • The chances of landing on a watch within an available tier can always be found on The Wheel Terms & Conditions.
  • Points can’t be sold, transferred to someone else, or converted to cash.
  • Check out the full Terms & Conditions here.

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