How to Get a Rolex from Watch Gang

Here's Your Chance to Own a Real Rolex Watch

Watch Gang gives away a 100% authentic Rolex to one of its members every Friday and chooses a random winner in a monthly giveaway. Winning a Grail is of the perks of being an active subscriber to Watch Gang. Winners are chosen randomly and announced on Facebook Live every Friday afternoon and there are some other ways you can get your hands on a Rolex to call your own. 

Here’s a quick look at how to get a Rolex through Watch Gang:

What Types of Rolexes Does Watch Gang Give Away?

The Rolex watches given away every Friday are from BeckerTime, an authorized reseller of authentic, certified and pre-owned Rolex watches. This doesn’t take away from the quality of the watches by any means — the company goes to great lengths to prepare beautiful watches for resale and provides Watch Gang with a variety of quality timepieces. If Rolexes are known for anything, it’s lasting a lifetime and never losing value. You will end up with a genuine Rolex in your hands (or on your wrist!).

How to Claim a Rolex from Watch Gang

There are THREE ways to get a 100% authentic Rolex through Watch Gang. Two of these require some sort of payment or trade while the other will get you a Grail just for being a member. You can:

1. Join Watch Gang

All Watch Gang members, regardless of their membership tier, are entered into the weekly Friday giveaway. As long as you’re a paid subscriber, your name is added to the list. You can tune in to Facebook Live or Instagram on Friday at 12 p.m. PST to find out if you’re a winner of a beautiful Rolex watch.

2. Spin the Wheel

While not technically free, you can claim a Grail by spinning the Wheel of Watches. The Rolex is one of the Grail watches available on the wheel to anybody who spins the wheel and there is a chance that your spin can end with you landing on the Grail section. Grail watches include TAG Heuer and other luxury timepieces.

3. Trade or Buy a Rolex in WGE

If you’re an active member of the Watch Gang Exchange, you can trade another watch for a Rolex another member might be trading or selling. You can also buy a Grail from another member. Members post listings about their trade or sale on WGE every day so tuning in to these posts could help you snag a coveted watch.

Ready to claim your Grail? Get started with a Watch Gang membership today to enter the weekly drawing or try your luck on the Wheel of Watches once you’re a member.