I’ve Never Paid Full Price for a Luxury Watch But You Would Never Know It

This Monthly Watch Club Sends Me Luxury Watches But I Don't Pay Anywhere Near Retail!

This Company Keeps Sending Me Unique Watches and I'm Not Paying Anywhere Near What They're Worth!

If you love watches as much as I do, you probably know how easy it is to find fake designer watches and replicas online. I like to buy watches online because it gives me a chance to discover hard-to-find timepieces and unique brands. However, I hate the fact that what I end up buying could be a fake watch — or a total ripoff!

That being said, I’m okay with spending a few hundred dollars for a great-looking watch…but only if it’s the real deal. And while I could bid on luxury men’s watches on eBay or wait for price drops at a local retail store, my watch addiction can still put a big dent in my wallet if I do that. This was before I discovered ways to get high-end, 100% authentic watches from reputable sources. So what’s my secret? A monthly watch subscription service, like Watch Gang

Subscription box companies are popular right now but there aren’t many out there for men. Watch Gang is filling that void by delivering watches from top brands and microbrands every month to guys like me for as little as $29. With this watch club, you get a brand new, 100% authentic watch shipped to you every month. They’re sending everything from fashionable, everyday watches to premium, luxury brands. You don’t know what you’re going to get in your box but, so far, the selections have been pretty impressive. 

Watch Gang even guarantees that the watch you get will be worth more than what you paid for your membership fee. I’ve never seen that before!

When I actually did the math on mine, I’m getting watches worth about 5x what I paid. And I can even sell them for close to their retail price if I want to, which means I could make a decent profit.

Another thing that makes Watch Gang stand out: They give their members a chance to win a real Rolex watch every Friday and a TAG watch on Tuesdays. Not a bad deal. 

How Watch Gang Works

By now you’re probably thinking, ‘ok but how is this different from other box companies out there?’ Well, the truth is, most companies don’t take the time to seek out solid, reputable brands to work with. They really don’t go out of their way to find high-quality products — they’re just looking to fill the box! Watch Gang is different because they’re committed to only delivering premium, high-quality watches to their members. 

“I thought it was too good to be true when I first found the site...but when I ordered my first Black box, I was pleasantly surprised to get a sporty Heritor HR7602 Watch. This watch retails for $800 but I only paid $99 for it!”


These are some of the watches the company's been sending to their members. 

The watches you see in Watch Gang’s boxes include sought-after brands, like Out Of Order (OOO) distressed watches, Fortuna, Stewart Dawson London and Terra Cielo Mare. Many of these watches retail for anywhere from $599 to $1,200+ but members end up paying $29 to $299 max for theirs. I thought it was too good to be true when I first found the site but when I ordered my first Black box, I was pleasantly surprised to get a sporty Heritor HR7602 Watch. This watch retails for $800 but I only paid $99 for it. 

Right now, they’re giving out a free shipping code on your first box. Just enter code ‘WATCHMESHIP’ when you check out and they’ll waive the shipping fee on any subscription tier!

So here’s all you need to do to get access to luxury watches — and do it without paying anywhere near the retail price:

  1. Choose a subscription. You have three options: Original ($29/month), Black ($99/month) and Platinum ($299/month). Choose your plan, your terms, and then checkout to get in line for the next delivery. 
  2. Open your box. Delivery day is probably the most exciting day of the week for me! Since it’s a mystery box, you won’t know what you’re getting until you get your box. Inside, you’ll find your watch, details about the watch, a poster, and some other freebies.
  3. Decide to keep or trade your watch. One of the great things about being a Watch Gang subscriber is you get access to their exclusive Watch Gang Exchange Facebook group. This is a very active community of watch enthusiasts that trades tips and shares their latest watch acquisitions. This is also the place where you can trade a watch you don’t like or want with other members. A lot of members list items for sale here too so you might be able to find a great watch just by browsing around. 

The Bottom Line

Even though I had my doubts at first (how can a company seriously make a profit like this??), it’s completely legit. Watch Gang now has more than 20,000 members and they’ve only been around since 2016. A lot of their members have been around for a while and many trade watches and share their tips on Facebook. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to indulge in your watch habit, check out Watch Gang. And make sure to take advantage of their free shipping offer. Use code WATCHMESHIP at checkout to get your first month’s shipping waived!