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An Overview of the TUW Ruhla Thuringia Automatic Watch from the Watch Gang Black January 2018 Box

Check out Sam from Watch Gang’s review of his TUW Ruhla Thuringia Watch in red.

Many Watch Gang Black Tier members received the classic TUW Ruhla Thuringia watch in January 2018, an automatic watch manufactured by a German watchmaker. TUW Ruhla watches have been a hit among Watch Gang members and many love this brand for its classic and simple design, lightweight construction, and sleek appearance.

About the TUW Ruhla Thuringia

The TUW Ruhla Thuringia watch is a polished stainless steel automatic watch designed with a scratch-proof sapphire crystal. It’s designed for those who like more understated styles.

So a little background about TUW Ruhla: TUW Ruhla stands for Thüringer Uhren Werke Ruhla, which means Thuringian Watch Works Ruhla. Ruhla is a small town in Thuringia, a town filled with old watchmaking factories in the central region of Germany The company has been around for over 100 years and has become a legend among watch enthusiasts. Watchmaker Ruhla was the first German to produce mass-production pocket watches but the factories closed down in 1991. 

Today, TUW Ruhla watches are back in production so the designs you see, like the Thuringia, are actually inspired from an era gone by.

How to Style the TUW Rhula Thuringia

Classic, sleek, polished, and understated are some of the best ways to describe the TUW Rhula Thuringia so you can wear it with most of your business casual and conservative looks. It’s a versatile watch so you’re not limited to wearing it only for special occasions.

We recommend styling this watch with khakis and polo shirts, dress slacks and button down shirts, or even with a lightweight suit. It also works well with sporty looks so you could wear it with a casual vest or a sports jacket.

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