Watch Gang Platinum Review Feb 2018: Watch Gang TV

An Overview of the Martenero Edgemere Watch from the Watch Gang Platinum February 2018 Box

Here’s Alastair’s unboxing video of his favorite watch from the Watch Gang February 2018 Platinum Tier: The Martenero Edgemere.

Ever wondered what types of watches Platinum Tier members get every month? In February 2018, some of our Platinum subscribers received a beautiful watch from NY-based company, Martenero. Martenero is inspired by heritage brands and makes watches with a modern take on timeless designs. The Edgemere, a luxury men’s automatic watch, made its way to the mailbox of Platinum Tier members in February 2018.

About the Martenero Edgemere

Inspired by a chronograph and nautical themes, the Martenero Edgemere watch is designed with a textured dial and a raised hour ring. Different styles are designed with a combination of blue, green, turquoise, and red hues.

The Edgemere is available in four different color combinations: White and Blue, Blue, White and Red, and Silver. It’s a water-resistant watch up to 50 meters and features an etched nautical compass on the back. This is a 40mm watch. 

Martenero sells this watch for $550 but Watch Gang Platinum members only paid $275 for their Edgemere — a pretty sweet deal. 


How to Style the Martenero Edgemere

The Edgemere has a dynamic and almost playful look but still retains a look of timelessness and classic design.The watch has been well-received by watch enthusiasts the world over and it’s perfect for creating a casual but polished look. You could wear it with slacks, dark wash jeans, or even with a casual suit to add a stylish touch to your look.

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