Quartz Watches FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About the Quartz Watch

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Even though quartz watches are powered by a battery and don’t have as many mechanical parts as autos, they might not run properly all the time. Quartz watches are still extremely popular and you need to know how to maintain them if you own one. Here are some frequently asked questions about quartz watches:

Q: How long will my battery last?

Most quartz watch batteries last 2 to 3 years. This usually depends on how many complications or functions the watch has since some functions can eat up the battery.

Q: Why does the watch stop working when I put it on?

This is usually a sign of a malfunctioning circuit. Your body temperature might be triggering a break in the circuit which is why the watch only works when you’re not wearing it.

Q: What’s an autoquartz watch? 

Autoquartz movements are a combination of the traditional quartz watch and a self-winding watch. You can wear these types of watches for up to 80 days and the movement reaches its power reserve around 100 days. The watch recharges automatically after that as you move your wrist.

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Q: Why is the second hand skipping?

This is one of the signs the battery needs to be replaced. If you don’t know how to replace the battery yourself, take it in for service to avoid damaging the watch!

Q: Should I replace the battery every year?

It’s logical to think you should just change out the battery on your watch every year to keep it in good order but it’s not a good idea to replace the battery unless you absolutely have to! Opening the case regularly can cause problems so you’re better off leaving the watch as is until the battery stops working.

Q: The digital display on my quartz has turned black! What gives?

Did you drop our watch? This is one of the most common reasons why the display goes black. The display might be cracked or have a leak so you’ll need to get it serviced.

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Q: The hands are working but the digital display is not. Why is this happening?

It’s likely the digital component of the watch will need to be repaired. You can still use the watch to tell time since the hands are working but the digital display might need to be restored at a service center.

Q: Why aren’t the push buttons working properly?

Dirt, debris, or a broken spring could cause a problem with the buttons around the watch. You can take it in to be serviced to check for any internal issues.