Watch Gang Original Review Feb 2018: Watch Gang TV

An Overview of the Armand Basi Classic Dress Watch from the Watch Gang Original Feb 2018 Box

This is Ged from Watch Gang’s favorite watch, and for good reason! It’s one of the most versatile watches out there. Check out his review of the Armand Basi watch in the video above.

Some Watch Gang Original Tier members received the Armand Basi stainless steel watch in February 2018, a classic dress watch with a premium leather band. These watches are made in Europe and retail for just over $170. Watch Gang Original members snagged this watch for just $29, making it a steal for any watch enthusiast.

About the Armand Basi Classic Dress Watch

The Armand Basi Gent’s Watch features a solid steel case and genuine leather strap. It has a VL57 movement with a 6H Seconds hand and it’s designed with a brushed stainless steel watch face with a sunburst effect. It’s a simple, stylish, and polished design that makes it perfect for both everyday wear and casual social events.  


How to Style the Armand Basi Dress Watch

This is probably one of the most versatile watches you can have in your collection and if you’re a first-timer with Watch Gang, this will probably be your go-to watch for special events and semi-formal occasions. The stainless steel finish and leather band create a formal look with this watch so you could wear it to casual business events or to dress up an everyday look.

The Armand Basi dress watch is easy to style with multiple outfits. It complements a suit and tie, polo shirt and slacks, or even with a pair of dark jeans and a button down shirt. It’s a lightweight watch you can wear year round and versatile enough to pair with most of your closet items.

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