Watch Gang Original Review April 2018: Watch Gang TV

An Overview of the Oniss MECA

Founder and CEO of Watch Gang, Matthew Gallagher, shares his favorite watch from the Original Tier in April 2018. The Oniss Meca is a versatile watch that's actually a hybrid between a quartz and a mechanical watch. 

Watch Gang Original Tier members received the Oniss Meca this past April, a stylish watch with a stainless steel bracelet. You'll see Matt wearing this watch in this video, along with his Watch of the Day: A Timex Speedmaster.

About the Oniss MECA

The Oniss MECA is a sporty stainless steel watch featuring a Japanese quartz movement and a day and date sundial. It has numeric cutout markers for an easy read of time and is water resistant up to 50 meters. It is a larger watch with a 45mm case and is a solid men's watch.

The watch retails for $149 on Amazon and Watch Gang Original Tier members only paid $29 for it in April 2018.

About Oniss Paris

The ONISS Watch Brand is owned by the N.W.C.I. Watch Group and was introduced by the Nisimov Brothers in 1992. They inherited their passion for watches from their great grandfather in Europe so the history of this company actually dates back over 150 years. 

Oniss Paris watches are now designed in Los Angeles, California and the brand is known for high quality and eye-catching details in its men's and women's collections. The company also boasts a large collection of Oniss Paris Ceramic Watches that combine timeless elegance with classic design. 

How to Style the Oniss MECA

Matt mentions that this watch is a great dress or sporty watch because of its hybrid design. You could wear this with a sports jacket and slacks, jeans and a polo shirt, or even with some business casual outfits. Try it on for size with a variety of looks and you'll see why it's such a versatile piece to have in your collection. 

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