6 Tips to Match Your Watch to Your Outfit

Make It a Match Every Time

When you’re wearing a business suit or a polo shirt with khakis, one watch doesn’t fit all. Plus, there are a few unwritten rules about how to choose a watch that goes with your outfit. Never heard of them? Here are six tips to match your watch to your outfit:

The Basics:

  • Don’t match every color, focus on one or two
  • Your watch is an expression of your personality and style
  • Remember the occasion and formality of the event
  • When in doubt, stick with classic and conservative
  • Save the Rolex or Grail for special occasions

#1: Pick a Lead Color

Your lead color for your outfit might be the color of your shirt, a tie, or even your belt if you’re wearing a black and white ensemble. Make sure your watch matches that lead color for a pulled together look. The D1 Milano Skeleton is a versatile watch available in several colors and easy to match with some of your favorite outfits.


#2: Default to Conservative

When you’re wearing an outfit you don’t usually wear, such as a tuxedo to a wedding or a business suit to an interview, stick with more conservative styles of watches. You’ll want to choose a watch that is more on the understated side so it doesn’t overpower your outfit. The Tuw Ruhla 1892 Automatik International is a simple but sophisticated watch that works well for almost any occasion.

#3: Match It to Your Belt 

Wear a stainless steel bracelet if the belt buckle is silver or black, not gold. The Melbourne Sorrento is a versatile watch you can match with any silver belt buckles. Otherwise, you’ll want to match a brown leather or black leather strap to the belt you’re wearing…and also make sure to…

#4: Match It to Your Shoes

Just like the belt, you’ll want to match the watch strap to your shoes whenever you can. Whether you’re sporting some brown leather wingtips or black suede loafers, pick out a watch strap made with the same material when possible and always in the same or similar shade. If in doubt: Stick with a stainless steel bracelet. Try this Jorg Gray JG6500 when you’re wearing a pair of black leather shoes.

#5: Remember the Occasion

In most cases, the formality of the event will dictate the type of watch you wear so you’ll want to pay attention to the ambiance, destination, and crowd when putting together your outfit. A simple, minimalist watch is always a safe bet for very formal occasions since your suit or tux will be the focal point. If it’s a business casual event, you can get away with more stylish designs and colorful finishes.

If you want to create a more high-end look, you can’t go wrong with a sleek stainless steel watch or something with real gold detailing and a leather band. This OOO Casanova in bold blue with a leather strap is a statement watch best reserved for more casual or semi-formal occasions.

#6: Watch Your Size

You’ll find watch faces in a variety of sizes and shapes, including rectangular faces and oversized round faces. The best watch for you will be dictated by your build — larger men look better with larger, bulkier watches while slimmer men will look good in smaller and lightweight watches.

For example, Fortuna The 50’s Club watches are designed with extra large faces and wide leather straps, making them a good pick for larger gents.

Have some style tips to share? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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