Tragedy Begets Opportunity: How a Tragic Loss Turned into The World’s Largest Watch Club

Interview with Matthew Gallagher

Matt and his dad
Watch Gang’s history has more to do about dads than most people realize. This Father’s Day, we’re paying a tribute to all the dads out there with an interview with our Founder and CEO, Matthew Gallagher…

Matthew’s Story

When Matthew’s father passed away, he left him with his one prized possession: A birth year 1953 Rolex Oyster Perpetual.  It was the only watch his father owned. This generous gift with such a strong emotional history attached to it inspired Matthew to continue the tradition of passing down watches. Six months after his father passed away, Matthew launched Watch Gang with a commitment to putting as many watches on as many wrists as possible and encouraging people to collect watches to pass on to loved ones and friends. “When my time comes, I’m not going to pass my iPhone down to my son. Watches hold significant emotional value and every one of them has a story to tell.”

The Inspiration

Growing up, Matthew didn’t really care for watches. He knew of a few everyday brands and saw watches as primarily a time-telling device but never really saw anything in the hobby of watch collecting. Fast forward a few decades and the introduction of smartphones has virtually eliminated the need to wear a watch to tell time. “For the most part, watches lost their function because of smartphones,” says Matthew. After his father’s passing, he realized watches have so much more of a story to tell and they can be an extension of the wearer’s personality. “I wanted to bring some of that back by rekindling people’s love of watches.”

Grail Love

Budding watch enthusiasts and watch collectors can now dive into the watch game with Watch Gang’s monthly subscription service and get in line to get their Grail watch. “Grail watches have traditionally been something you would buy during a milestone, like graduating, getting a raise, or getting married”, explains Matthew. “I wanted to give everyone a chance to get the Grail they’ve always aspired to own, regardless of where they are in life. Plus, the Grail watch is something they can pass down to their kids…just like my dad did for me.” This is why Matthew wanted Watch Gang members to be able to win a Rolex or TAG every week. He also made sure members can pick up a Grail on the Wheel of Watches.
Left: Matt's dad and aunt • Right: Matt's dad in his 20s
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