How to Spot a Fake Grail Watch

Ways to Avoid the Ultimate Ripoff

When you’re shopping around for amazing deals, it’s just too easy to fall for a fake. The counterfeit watch industry clocks in about $1 billion in sales a year and fake watch makers have started getting better and better at making clones of Rolexes, Omegas, TAGs, and other coveted watches.Thousands of online shopping sites and auction sites now sell luxury goods and Grail watches but only a small percentage of sellers are giving you the real deal. However, there are some ways you can spot a fake.Here are some telltale signs the watch you’ve been eyeing is actually a fake:

Size of Hour Markers

One of the red flags that beautiful Grail isn’t what it seems is the size of the hour markers. You’ll need a hi-res photo of the watch to see whether the hour markers look like the original but that extra attention to detail is worth it. Fake watches might have hour markers that are the wrong shape, spaced unevenly, or are bigger or smaller than authentic watches.

Weight of the Watch

Rolex only uses the highest quality material and real alloys to make its watches. This adds to the weight of the watch so you should be able to ‘feel’ the quality. If you try on the watch and it feels a little lightweight, you could be holding a fake.

Transparent Back

One of the biggest signs you could have a fake Rolex or Omega on your hands: a transparent caseback. Rolex watches are never made with a transparent caseback; it’s very rare that you’ll find an Omega with a transparent caseback.

Etched Logos

Both Rolex and Omega etch a tiny logo on the caseback using special tools and the size and design is very difficult to replicate. Look for these logos and placement to make sure you have the real deal.

Micro-Etched Logo on the Dial

In addition to etching the logo on the caseback, Rolex puts a tiny crown logo right on the clear dial on all Rolex watches made in 2002 onward. You can barely see it but looking at it under a magnifying glass will reveal a small crown at the 6 o’clock position. It’s proof of authenticity so if you don’t see it, don’t buy it.

Serial and Model # Stampings

Genuine Rolex watches are stamped with very fine-lined lettering and will reflect light because of the depth of the lines. Fake watches are usually marked with a faint or light etching — a dead giveaway the Rolex is a fake.

Engraved Movement

Rolex watches are made with high quality movements with great precision. In addition, Rolex watch makers engrave the word ‘Rolex’ right on the movement. The only way to see this is if you open up the watch so if someone won’t do that for you, you might be dealing with a counterfeit watch.

Uneven Lettering

Original and authentic Grail watches are designed with great precision and craftsmanship. If you see any inconsistencies in the lettering such as odd spacing, uneven spaces between letters, or large spaces between words, it could be a sign of a fake.

Misplaced Cyclops

The cyclops, or magnifying lens that covers the date window, is centered perfectly on authentic watches. If the lens is even slightly misplaced, the date might look strange and the overall dimensions of the square around the date will look off.These are some of the surefire signs your Grail could be a fake. Do you have some tips or an experience to share? Leave your tips in the comments below!
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