Trading in the Watch Gang Exchange: How to List a Trade

How to Trade Your Watch in the Watch Gang Exchange

How to List a Trade

Complete Guide to Posting Items for TRADE in WGE

When you want to trade your watch, you might ask members to offer a watch of the same value or accept a trade of multiple watches, a watch plus cash payment, or other offers. Trading a watch might also just end up as a sale so labeling your post as FSOT (For Sale OR Trade) can open yourself up to more buyers.

Ready to get your trade on? Start by clicking the Post field in the WGE Facebook Group and this screen will pop up:

Trading in the Watch Gang Exchange: How to List a Trade


What to Include in a Trade Listing

Similar to a sales listing, your trade listing should include:

  • Whether you’re making an even trade or will accept cash+trade or trade for multiple watches
  • Whether the item comes with the box and papers
  • Condition of the item (see Grading tips here)
  • CLEAR photos
  • Any other details you would want to know if you were getting this watch

How to Estimate the Value of Your Item for Trade

Determining the value of your item for trade can be tricky. You might have bought yours for $350 but are people willing to trade a $350 watch for yours? One way to manage this is to simply post the retail value of your trade (Google it if you need to) and the price you paid when you’re ready to trade your watch.

Members will most likely verify the value on their own and/or ask questions about the condition of the watch, etc. so they can make an offer. You need to be comfortable with the value of the watch before you accept offers. Take some time to figure out how much your watch is worth so you can negotiate fairly. We recommend you:

  1. Google the item to verify its retail value
  2. Look at the same watch for sale on eBay, Amazon, and other sites
  3. Consider adding other watch-related items to your listing to increase the value of the trade
  4. Determine whether you’ll accept a cash offer

What a Great Trade Listing Looks Like

Ready to trade your watch? Here’s what a good Trade Listing would look like:


Trading in the Watch Gang Exchange: How to List a Trade


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