Buying, Selling & Trading: Ground Rules

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Complete Guide to Posting Items for Sale or Trade in WGE

One of the biggest reasons to be active in the Watch Gang Exchange is for the opportunity to buy, sell, or trade watches. Our members-only community is growing every day which means there are endless opportunities to find your dream watch or get a watch you no longer want off your hands.You might have seen posts that start with FSOT already. This means a member has a watch available For Sale or Trade. You can also run an auction for 24 hours to sell a watch to the highest bidder or host a Flash Sale where you post a watch for sale at a price so low it’s impossible to find a lower price anywhere else.Below are the ground rules for buying, selling, and trading in WGE. Please read those first, then jump  to the following sections for tips about listing items in WGE to move them fast!

How to Post Items for Sale, Trade, Auctions, and Flash Sales

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Ground Rules: What You Can and Can’t Sell in WGEOkay to SELL:
  • Watches (surprise!)
  • Watch straps
  • Winders
  • Watch boxes
Only okay to TRADE (NO sales or auctions):Sales of non-watch items is NOT allowed and sales posts of non-watch items will be DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE. NON WATCH ITEMS can ONLY be posted for TRADE on WGE. The post must NOT include any mention of selling the item. This applies to items that aren't directly used with/for watches, such as:
  • Bracelets
  • Other types of jewelry
All items offered in exchange for an item listed for trade MUST include an ACTUAL PHOTO of the item and must include a description/rating of its physical/mechanical condition. Items offered in trade must be in the possession of the person and its identity/model information must be known by the person trading it as well as the person receiving it.When listing a trade, the watch MUST be in the POSSESSION of the subscriber at the time the item is posted and CANNOT include an item if it is PRESALE/SPIN Watch or a presale of a Watch Gang subscription watch or flash sale item. The watch must be the property of the seller and not another party/seller. The post must include an ACTUAL PHOTO of the watch that will be received. All items offered for (or in exchange for) sale, trade or auction MUST include an ACTUAL PHOTO of the item (if missing post will be deleted). Photos must also be included in posts looking to trade for "ISO" a specific watch.PLEASE NOTE: If your sales, trade or auction post excludes to list an item, such as extra links, boxes, papers or other items that originally came with the watch, it is assumed that they will come with the watch as a part of the WGE sale. If they are not a part of the sale, each excluded item MUST be specifically listed in the sales post.
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