Packing and Shipping Guidelines

How to List, Pack, and Ship Your Items Like a Pro

Packing and Shipping Guidelines

The Right Way to Send Items to Watch Gang Exchange Members

Whether you’re trading a collector’s watch or selling a watch case, we need everyone to take steps to ensure a fair trade or sale -- packing and shipping your items properly is a high priority. Watch Gang Exchange trading and selling transactions inherently have some level of risk involved because you can never be 100% sure the other person will take care of their part of the deal. That’s why we encourage ALL members to do the following:Always check out our latest "TRADE ALERT POST" first which identifies individuals and information about scams and red flags. Please contact a moderator if you are having issues and would like someone considered for adding to the list.

Making the Trade: Packing and Shipping Guidelines

Delivery truck icon. Flat design vector illustration.You want to do everything you can to make sure the watch or items you’re trading arrive safely and are protected from damage during transit. Your items MUST arrive in the condition they were paid for or it’s not a fair trade! Follow these guidelines to pack and ship your items without any issues:

Shipping Your Trade

Whenever you’re buying or selling something:
  • Use PayPal Goods & Services (NOT FRIENDS & FAMILY) to initiate the trade
  • ALWAYS ship to a verified address
  • Buy your shipping label from PayPal or and only ship your item(s) once you BOTH have tracking numbers to share.
ALWAYS INSURE your shipments to cover any losses due to damage, loss or theft. If you are using USPS, you can get a shipping estimate from You can also get the same online from UPS, FedEx and even local regional carriers. They will provide a tracking number.Keep in mind…Priority Mail: Insures items worth $50+First Class: Insures items worth  < $50If you’re sending out a very high value watch, you must make sure you have a SIGNATURE for delivery option checked. It’s worth the option for your own piece of mind.As a courtesy, send the tracking number and picture of the box to the recipient. You can also send a picture of the drop-off receipt so the person you are trading with knows the item was shipped.TIP: (OPTIONAL but highly recommended):When buying a watch, even if it’s listed as new, have the seller send a video of the watch in use - show the stem being used to set the time, date and other functions of the watch. If the battery protector is still in place on the crown, at least show the details of the watch.Buyers: Take a video of the opening of the box and the watch being taken out and being set up as it helps verify the condition as described upon arrival. You can use your cell phone mounted on a tripod to film the event.

Packing and Shipping Watches WITH Boxes

1) If the watch is in a box, but is not tightly held, use a small amount of packing material to secure it into the box. A watch bounced for a few thousand miles might not be the same as the day it was purchased. This can happen no matter how much packing material is around the outside of the box.2) If you are shipping Flat Rate USPS, most of the medium boxes will fit the box but always check your dimensions. USPS has free shipping boxes making it very cost effective.3) Wrap a rubber band around the watch box. That keeps the watch box from suddenly opening. This is especially true for the cardboard ones that are quite common from some brands. Other brands and older boxes do not snap shut and can pop open in transit.4) Wrap bubble wrap around the watch box and secure it with tape to ensure the bubble wrap is in place and not going to come loose during shipment.5) Place the bubble wrapped box into the shipping box and then fill the empty spaces with either more bubble wraps or other packing material to prevent the watch box from bouncing around during shipping and transit. You can use crumpled newspaper, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap to protect the goods.6) Tape: Heavy Duty Packing tape is the best way to go, it’s dirt cheap for 6 rolls at Sam’s Club and other warehouse locations. If not, check Amazon.

Packing and Shipping Watches WITHOUT Boxes

1) If you do not have a box for the watch, get a small but strong ZipLoc bag. The quart sizes are usually stronger than the sandwich sized ones.1a) Take a small amount of bubble wrap - just enough - to wrap around the dial of the watch. If it’s a bracelet, and especially heavy ones, wrap the dial and then wrap the bracelet in bubble wrap. The bubbles should be facing IN!2) Put the watch into the ZipLoc bag, squeeze out as much air as possible, and then tape the Ziploc around the watch.Note: If the watch is travelling long distances and is NOT waterproof, put one of the desiccant packs into the ZipLock JUST IN CASE! Start saving these from packages and from vitamin jars.3) Wrap that completely in bubble wrap, bubbles towards the watch. This is just for extra protection.4) Tape the bubble wrap closed around the watch.5) Place the bubble wrapped watch into a padded envelope at the bottom.6) Starting at the bottom, roll the watch up in the envelope and seal it shut.7) Place the sealed padded envelope into the shipping box.Seal the box with appropriate shipping tape. (See #6 above) Scotch Tape, paper tape and such are NOT good for shipping as they will come off the box easy allowing the contents to be removed. Tape all the way around to make sure that it’s not easy to just open one side and take out the contents.
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