What Your Watch Band Says About Your Style

Choose the Watch Strap that Matches Your Look

It takes time to find the perfect watch and when you finally have it on your wrist, make sure the band is also the right match. Different band styles can change the look of the watch and also appeal to your personal taste. Think about the difference between a heavy stainless steel bracelet and a lightweight NATO strap — one creates a more formal and polished look while the other keeps things casual and low key.

Here’s a quick look at different types of watch bands…and what they might be telling the world about your style:


Black: Ideal for formal occasions and professional looks

Brown, Gray or Khaki: More casual looks

Red, Orange, Blue, Green: Bold colors are great for sports watches and casual looks



Traditional, classic, and often refined, leather watch bands are best matched with formal outfits. Black leather straps are a classic and versatile style you can wear for years and with virtually any type of watch face...except with a sports watch or a large-faced chronograph watch.

NATO Straps

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) straps were standard issue straps used by soldiers and divers. Today, they’re a popular choice among hipsters and those who want a fuss-free nylon strap for their modern and sporty watches.

Metal Bracelets

Whether it’s a stainless steel, gold, or combination of silver and gold metal strap, the bracelet is a collector’s must-have and also tells the world you’re serious about your watches. Just like the classic leather band, metal bracelets are extremely versatile and can transform the look of your watch in a flash.

Rubber Straps

One of the most practical types of watch bands, rubber straps are usually found on sports watches. They’re waterproof and sweat proof so they’re usually the band of choice for the rugged and outdoorsy type. Still, you can find a few luxury watches with rubber straps finished with gleaming clasps and other details.

Mesh Bracelets

Also made of stainless steel, the mesh watch band isn’t as shiny as a polished stainless steel band but can still be a stunning addition to your watch collection. Mesh bands can give your watch a vintage look and are also very comfortable — since there are no links, they sit flat on your skin and don’t snag on arm hair. High quality mesh bands are scratch resistant and hug the wrist to create a fitted look.

What’s your take on watch bands and styles? Share in the comments below!

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