Member Exclusive: The Watch Gang Exchange Community

The 411 on Selling, Trading, and Being a Part of WGE

Getting Started in the Watch Gang Exchange (WGE)

All Watch Gang members are invited to join our exclusive community of watch enthusiasts in our Facebook Group, the Watch Gang Exchange. We’ve created a private hub where you can trade or sell watches with other members, run an auction, show off your latest find, and just talk everything watches. Our community is growing every day and you’ll find thousands of Watch Gang members just like you here...and might even make some good friends.

Click below to learn everything about the Watch Gang Exchange:

Watch Gang Exchange: Basic Rules of Conduct

Every club has some house rules and WGE is no different. Just follow these basic guidelines to keep yourself in good standing and make the most of the member experience.

Buying, Selling & Trading: Ground Rules

Ready to sell or trade a watch? Start here to learn the basics about selling, trading, running auctions, and hosting Flash Sales in WGE.

WGE Listings: How to Grade Your Items

When you're listing an item for sale or trade, make sure you're describing it accurately. Tell buyers what condition the item is in with the official Watch Gang Grading guidelines!

Selling in WGE: How to List a Sale

Ready to sell your watch? Learn how to estimate the value of your watch and create the perfect listing.

Trading in WGE: How to List a Trade

Ready to get your trade on? Start here to trading within the community and listing your trade.

Running Auctions in WGE

Wondering how to run an auction? Here's a quick primer to help you write up an auction listing and manage your auction in WGE.

Running a Flash Sale in WGE

What's the deal with Flash Sales? Find out here! Here's a quick guide to hosting a flash sale to get some watches off your hands, fast.

Packing & Shipping Guidelines

Everything you need to know about listing, packing, and shipping your items like a pro. All in one handy guide! Follow these guidelines to make sure your stuff gets to its final destination without any hassles.

What Will Get You Kicked Out of WGE

There are some things you should and shouldn't ever do in WGE. Here's everything you need to know about staying in the group.

Glossary: WGE Lingo

Learn the lingo used in WGE…or just to show off at parties! This is the Official Watch Gang Glossary to help you interact with members on WGE, list items for trading, and be part of our growing community of watch enthusiasts.

Thanks for being part of Watch Gang! We hope you make the most of the Watch Gang Exchange to find even more watches to add to your collection, interact with members, and join a growing community of watch enthusiasts.


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