Watch Gang Black Review June 2018: Watch Gang TV

An Overview of the Blackwell Murray Hill Collection Watch

Some Watch Gang Black Tier members received the Blackwell Murray Hill Collection watch in June 2018, a stylish and versatile watch featuring a double layer dial and automatic movement. Sam from Watch Gang shares his review of this June watch sent out to some of our loyal Black Tier members.
Designed to evoke the feel of the bustling streets of Manhattan, this sleek and stylish watch is a must-have for any watch collection. It’s designed with a silver plated case with polished stainless steel and has a double layered dial that makes it stand apart from the rest. All three hands on this watch are designed with a shiny silver plating and feature a white luminous filling to create a bold look. This watch retails for $355 but Watch Gang Black members got this one for only $99 in June 2018.

Blackwell incorporates many elements of New York City into all of its designs and you’ll notice that every collection is inspired by a city rich with heritage, art, culture, fashion, and luxury. Watchmaker Philippe Cogoli uses the towering iconic clocks in New York City as inspiration for watch designs and has dedicated his craft to designing automatic timepieces that are modern interpretations of NYC’s legendary clocks.

How to Style the Blackwell Murray Hill Collection Watch

The Blackwell Murray Hill Collection is a solid watch that can easily dress up a simple outfit and become your go-to watch for virtually any occasion. The smooth leather band matches well with business casual looks and adds a touch of class to an otherwise casual ensemble. Wear this watch with jeans and a dressy shirt or even with a business casual suit for a pulled together look.

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