Member Spotlight: Nicky ‘The Fashionista’ Boyd Shares Her Watch Gang Style

Exclusive Interview with Nicky Boyd

Watch Gang is primarily a men’s watch club so we don’t see lot of women actively engaged in the Watch Gang Exchange community. However, that didn’t stop Nicky Boyd from joining the conversation in WGE a few months ago — or from becoming a member herself. You might have seen her flashing a watch that matches her outfit in the Watch Gang Exchange already. 

We had the chance to talk to Nicky ‘the fashionista’ Boyd about her watches, her style, and and her Watch Gang experience so far... 

Discovering Watch Gang

Nicky’s story is unique because she found Watch Gang when she was looking for a 40th birthday gift for a guy friend. She had heard about Watch Gang and figured it would make a great gift for him. Nicky bought her friend a 3-month Watch Gang Black membership for his birthday back in March of this year and was curious to see what this club was all about.

Since Nicky purchased the gift membership, she had access to the Watch Gang Exchange where she could see how it all worked. “I wanted to see what types of watches my friend would be getting, and really see what Watch Gang was all about,” says Nicky. Soon enough, she discovered some of the watches members were posting for sale or trade were a perfect match for her vintage style. “I wear a lot of feminine, vintage dresses, and I noticed some of the oversized watches were a great match with my favorite outfits!”, says Nicky. 

The Watch Obsession Begins...

While her guy friend waited on his first watch, Nicky went ahead and bought a few watches for herself from the Watch Gang community. She now owns about 12 watches and all of them were bought from WGE members. Her favorites? Nicky says she’s fallen in love with Puredials and her UG Rose Gold watch has become her go-to watch for most of her outfits. “It’s one of the most versatile watches,” says Nicky. “The rose gold, pearl base, and neutral colors are a good match with virtually anything!”

Nicky also has her eye on the red-faced Fortuna and the white Lume-Tec, both sent out to Platinum members a few months ago. 

We asked Nicky if anyone has asked her why she wears men’s watches. “Not really!” she says. “The ones I find usually blend with jewelry so they can still look like a women’s watch.” And, it turns out, women’s fashion trends are now leaning more towards oversized watch faces with chunky and wider bands. This is why many of today’s men’s watches now end up being the perfect match for women. 

Watch Gang for Women

Nicky hasn’t been afraid to join the ‘guy’s club’ -- she went ahead and signed herself up as a Watch Gang Black member (welcome to Black, Nicky!). She encourages women out there to give Watch Gang a shot. “Just try it out!”, says Nicky. “At worst, you don’t like the watch, and can give it away as a gift. You’ll get nice watches no matter what tier you sign up for and if you don’t like it, there’s always someone in WGE who will want it.”

And any tips for guys looking to step up their style game? Nicky says a man in a suit -- with a great looking watch -- always looks 100x better. There you have it, guys (and gals). The bottom line from the Watch Gang community’s ‘fashionista’ herself.

Be sure to join the fun in the WGE and say 'hi' to Nicky!

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