Watch Gang Original Review July 2018: Watch Gang TV

An Overview of the Havet Watch

Some Watch Gang Original Tier members received the Havet watch in July 2018, a bold blue and yellow casual watch featuring a brown band. It’s a versatile watch with an eye-catching design to round out your collection. Ged from Watch Gang shares his review of July’s Original Tier mystery watch.

About the Havet Watch

The Havet is an everyday wear watch, a minimalistic watch with sporty accents. This watch features a bold blue face and bright yellow accents. It all comes together with a tan-colored strap, making it a versatile watch for any watch lover. You can find these watches selling for anywhere from $88 to $100+ online. Watch Gang Original Tier members only paid $29 for theirs in July. 

About Havet

Havet makes both men’s and women’s watches using minimalistic concepts and designs. These are modern, trendy, and fashionable watches with a Japanese quartz movement and sport design. The company produces a range of watches in a similar style with different color combinations and you can find the watches with both soft straps and stainless steel bands.

How to Style the Havet Watch

The Havet watch can easily become your go-to watch for everyday outfits and works well with most colors, even with its bright yellow accents. Pair this watch with jeans and a t-shirt, casual shirts and khakis, or even athletic wear. The watch is an eye-catching timepiece that’s sure to be a conversation starter no matter where your day takes you.

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