WG Staff Spotlight: 21 Questions with Sam & Kayla

Exclusive Interview with Sam and Kayla from Watch Gang

If you haven’t tuned in to our TAG Tuesday, Wheel Point Wednesday or Swag Bag Thursday giveaways yet, you’ve been missing the chance to see Sam and Kayla in action. The duo happens to be the first two employees of Watch Gang and are also the hosts of the Watch Out! Podcast. Watch Gang members have been getting to know Sam and Kayla through the live giveaways, Snapchat, and Facebook stories, but how much do we really know about these two?

We put Sam and Kayla in the hot seat to answer some burning questions — some of which were submitted by WG members. So here they are: 21 questions with Sam and Kayla...


#1: Where’s your hometown?

Sam: Madison, WI

Kayla: La Porte, TX

#2: What are your roles at Watch Gang? (from bradleychatfield via IG)

Sam: “VP of Operations. I handle all the inventory and shipping of member watches every month.”

Kayla: “I wear a lot of hats! I help out with customer service and do social media customer service, produce social media and YouTube content, produce the podcast, host some of the giveaways, help manage the Watch Gang Exchange page, among other tiny tasks...like collecting tax information and shipping out the Rolexes."

#3: What’s your ideal job at Watch Gang? (from bradleychatfield via IG)

Sam: “I’m pretty happy with where I am now!”

Kayla: “Same. I like being able to work on different things every day.”

#4: How did the two of you come to work at Watch Gang? (from feltsrob via IG)

Sam: “Matt and I were friends before he started Watch Gang in his garage. He literally needed help shipping out orders, so one day he just asked me if I could help him out. I said sure, and so there I was boxing up orders in Matt’s garage. The rest is history.”

Kayla: "Matt was one of the first people I met moving to Los Angeles 5 years ago. We met through the Watch Gang DJ. Years later, Matt’s wife invited me to a family getaway. Matt was constantly on his phone working, so I asked him what was going on and that's when he introduced me to his business and told me he needed help. He asked me if I wanted a job the next morning and I started the following day!"

#5: Who are your favorite coworkers? (from brandon_6761 via IG)

Sam: "Kayla"

Kayla: "Sam and Matt. Mostly Sam though."

#6: Describe one of your most embarrassing or funniest moments at work:

Sam: “I’m pretty horrendous on the phone. I try to keep all communication either face-to-face or through email, because I’m pretty sure every phone call I take could be considered an embarrassment.”

Kayla: “Accidentally giving away a vintage Seiko worth $1,500 as a random giveaway. We let the guy keep the watch but I’ll never forget that one!”

#7: What's your biggest pet peeve at work?

Sam: “I’m a self-confessed micromanager. I guess I hate having to do it!”

Kayla: “Sam micromanaging…and people interrupting when I’m talking or trying to do something!”

#8: Sam, describe Kayla in 3 words and vice versa:

Sam: “Passionate, Extremely Creative, and Genuine. That laugh…it’s so raw and real(!)”

Kayla: “Witty, Problem Solver, and Supportive!”

#9: What's one thing that Sam does/Kayla does that drives you crazy?

Sam: “Calls me out on something!”

Kayla: “Starts micromanaging me!”

#10: Sam, tell us where do you shop for the outfits you wear during giveaways?

Sam: “Why does everybody care so much about what I wear?! If you must know...I shop at Target.”

#11: If Sam/Kayla disappeared, what celebrity would you love to co-host with you and why?

Sam: “Jennifer Lawrence. Because she’s hot and funny.”

Kayla: “Jennifer Lawrence. Because she’s funny and hot.”

#12: How many watches do you really own?

Sam: “I have about 20 watches in rotation at any given time. I usually give away a watch from my own collection on TAG Tuesday, then pick up another one. It helps that I work at Watch Gang ;)”

Kayla: “I have about 6 or 7 watches in my collection, including a Movado, an old school TAG, an Invicta and an OOO Firefly.”

#13: What’s the most important watch in your collection you would never sell, or one with the best backstory to it? (from Craig Faish via FB)

Sam: “My Orologi Calamai - CR42, it’s from an Italian micro brand that was a Centum partner at one point. It’s made with reclaimed metal from World War II, one of my favorites!”

Kayla: “My Movado, my mom gave it to me and it’s the first watch I ever owned!”

#14: What’s the most thrill seeking thing you've ever done?

Sam: “Moving to LA! I moved across the country from Wisconsin…and haven’t looked back.”

Kayla: “Skydiving and scuba diving!”

#15: What's one thing nobody would ever guess about you?

Sam: “I had the worst stage fright when I was younger. I hated being on stage, public speaking, all of that!”

Kayla: “I’m extremely sensitive. Most people think I’m a bit*h but it’s not true! Also: I was on a TV show for 6 months working on cold case murder files called Cold Justice. I also worked on a ghost hunting show called Ghost Adventures..”

#16: Sam - what’s the most ridiculous thing someone tricked you into doing or believing (from memd1984 via IG)

Sam: “My family’s from Norway where everyone grows up believing in trolls. When I was younger, they told me there were trolls in the forest…and I believed it for a long, long time. Sort of like believing in Santa Clause. I think I was sort of in shock when they told me it wasn’t true.”

#17: Kayla - You have $1,000,0000 to make a viral video. What video do you make? (from memd1984 via IG)

Kayla: “I would use half a million dollars to create my personal rendition of the ‘Turn Down for What’ music video.. And then I would use the other half a million to make a short horror film (that I would force Sam to help me write.)”

#18: Your favorite cartoon character of all time is…?

Sam: The Tasmanian Devil! And the Ninja Turtles

Kayla: Care Bears

#19: What’s the most useless talent you have?

Sam: “I’ve memorized the first 24 digits of Pi: 3.141592653589793238462643. Yes, I was a math nerd.”

Kayla: “I used to be able to sing opera! Learned it from my grandpa, he sang opera for 25 years.”

#20: What did you always want to be when you grew up?

Sam: “An Actor, Writer/Novelist or a Doctor. Now I’m a writer and an actor.”

Kayla: “An Actress or a Business Woman. Things seem to have come full circle in a sense."

#21: If you were stranded on a desert island, what are 3 things you would take with you and why?

Sam: “A solar-powered Kindle so I always have something to read…a machete so I can cut down stuff and make everything I need…and a desalintor so I can drink the water from the ocean.”

Kayla: “A snorkeling set so I can catch fish and crabs for food while exploring the ocean…a cellphone with WiFi so I can take notes…and a generator so I never run out of battery power.”

Thanks, Sam and Kayla! ?

Stay tuned as we put more WG staff members in the hot seat for one-on-one interview and round up a few Watch Gang members for our Member Spotlight interviews!