Member Spotlight Interview: Sarah ‘Deep Blue’ Britney Confesses Her WG Obsession

Exclusive Interview with Sarah Britney

Another female Watch Gang member we couldn’t wait to chat with is Sarah Britney. A loyal member for just over a year, Sarah says she saw an advertisement for Watch Gang on MSN and just decided to check us out. She started with an Original Tier membership and says she quickly saw the value and opportunity to get some really great brands of watches. She soon upgraded to Black Tier and has never looked back.

But why the fascination with men’s watches?

“Years ago, I worked with a guy who wore a Nixon watch. I became obsessed with them since nobody I knew had one. Once I purchased one and started wearing it, I realized that it was a great conversation piece, especially with men,” says Sarah.

Sarah works as a car salesperson for Mercedes-Benz so many of her customers are into high fashion and stylish watches, especially Omega and Rolex watches.

“I’m not what you would call a ‘girly-girl’ so I just really felt like men's watches suited me more,” she explains. “Working in sales I always like being able to connect with my clients. To this day, my watch collection leads me to a lot of cool conversations with my clients who have interests just like me! WG has allowed me to explore my passion, and meet some really great people along the way who I now consider my friends!”

Deep Blue for the Win

Sarah’s favorite watch from Watch Gang so far is one of the first watches she traded for: A Deep Blue Jugg (Juggernaut) IV. “When I got it in the mail, I felt like I had something really special,” explains Sarah. “I have since owned 10 Deep Blues, and just love the quality and look of what they produce. I also have a OOO Ghost with a custom band from Holland that I will never get rid of!”

So what types of watches are on this member’s wish list? Sarah says she’s always wanted to own a Panerai Luminor Marina 1950, a Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore, and of course, a Rolex. All of these watches are “beautiful and elegant”, says Sarah.

Sarah’s Watch Gang Experience

Sarah’s found her tribe within the Watch Gang community and tells us she’s happy to be sharing her passion for watches with like-minded people. She shares, “I am very proud to be a member, and will continue to explore my passion along with a really amazing group of people who have fun and love something I do too! I don’t have any regrets since joining…except how to hide all the package deliveries at home!”

And any tips for women out there who might be thinking about joining Watch Gang?

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” says Sarah. “The reason I have been so happy with my experience is that for someone who didn’t know much about horology, I have had a free education by some really great guys on here who have embraced having a girl in their gang. They look out for me, defend me against bullies and rude comments, are gentlemen, and really support me. Wear what you love, explore, engage, and you will find more than just a  new watch every month. It’s been a great experience and I love being a WG member.”

Thanks Sarah!

Don't miss out on the fun in WGE and say 'hi' to Sarah while you're there!

Stay tuned for even more Member Spotlight interviews as we start reaching out to more of our most active and engaged members! Until next time…