10 of the Craziest Watches You’ve Probably Ever Seen

Watches Made for Gawking...

We don’t always buy a watch just to tell time. For most of us, the watch we wear is a fashion statement and speaks to our personal tastes and style. Still, there are some watchmakers out there taking things to a whole new level with extra features and designs you would probably never expect to see on your wrist.We rounded up 10 of the craziest but most amazing watches you’ll probably ever gawk at:

#10: Nuvati Floating Diamond Watch

(Photo credit: Zanis & Co.)Made entirely out of fragments of meteorites, this watch is set with 42 karat diamonds that float freely on top of the watch face. It’s made with fragments of the moon and planet Mars and has a Swiss Made Ronda 763 movement. 

#9: Kei Kei Watch

(Photo credit: necessarycoolness.com)Ever been mesmerized by fireflies? Wearing this watch to have a swarm of fireflies tell you what time it is. The KeiKei watch was designed by Ori Takemura and mimics fireflies appearing on the hour dials instead of numbers or words.

#8: Past, Present and Future Watch

(Photo credit: Project Watches via Amazon) A minimalistic style and design, the Past, Present and Future watch makes sure you always stay in the present by only revealing the current time. It’s a gentle reminder of time gone by and time that hasn’t happened yet. Any time you look at the dial, you’ll only be able to glance at the current time.

#7: Space Invaders Watch by Romain Jerome

(Photo credit: JOMASHOP)Big fan of Space Invaders? You can show off your ‘80s obsession with this black PVD-coated stainless steel watch featuring a black 3D dial with pixelated blue Space Invaders characters. The watch features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and has a 46mm case. The watch retails for $19,100 and is available at JOMASHOP.

#6: Knights of the Round Table Watch

(Photo credit: Arabian Knight)Designed by Roger Dubois, this watch was inspired by the legend of King Arthur and features 12 knights sitting at a reproduction of the English Oak Round Table designed for Henry VIII. The Knights of the Round Table II watch features 12 engraved and sculpted miniature bronze knights.

#5: Titanic Steampunk Black Watch

(Photo credit: JOMASHOP)If you’re a fan of steampunk sub-culture, feast your eyes on this contemporary watch decked out in 18 carat rose gold and a fixed-diamond set bezel. The watch is designed with a skeleton dial and has a Romain Jerome Calibre RJ001-CS automatic movement. It’s also well-protected with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. You can pick up the Romain Jerome Steampunk Automatic Men's Watch for $52,500 at retail.

#4: The Verticular Watch

(Photo credit: Hammacher Schlemmer) Say goodbye to the traditional watch face in favor of a set of four vertical columns that light up with illuminated LEDs to tell you the time in four digits. The Verticular Watch is made with a stainless steel body and designed with an electroplated glossy black finish. The lights only stay lit for 10 seconds before you have to activate the display again. 

#3: Midnight Planetarium Watch

(Photo courtesy of Van Cleefs & Arpels)You’ll find this unique watch by Van Cleef & Arpels, a boutique watchmaker that designs luxury watches with intricate designs. The Midnight Planetarium watch features all the planets of the solar system represented by different gemstones, including Turquoise, Aventurine, Agate, and Jasper. Asking price: $220,000.

#2: Watch Without a Face

(Photo credit: DeMilked)You can still tell time but not like you’re used to with the Eye of the Storm watch. The winner of the Red Dot 2010 Design Concept award, this all-black watch lights up when you press a button on the side to show the hour and minute markers.

#1: The Bird Repeater Watch

(Photo credit: Jaquet-Droz.com)An automatic watch from Swiss watchmaker Jacquet Droz, The Bird Repeater Collection includes several hand-engraved and hand-painted bird scenes and 18-karat gold accents. It’s a stunning timepiece that’s sure to be a conversation starter. This little work of art is valued at around $500k. 
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