Five Great Models for Women From The Rolex Collection

Watches For Women

Rolex is known worldwide as a manufacturer of finely crafted men's wristwatches. In addition to those spectacular models, they also feature a wide variety of refined models designed for women. Many of these timepieces feature precious gems, noble metals and elegant designs, which all combine to create a fantastic watch. This article explores just a few of these great watches and provides just a sample of what Rolex can offer to a female watch enthusiast or to a special woman in your life.  

Datejust 31

The Rolex Datejust is the modern archetype of the classic watch. Aesthetically, the Datejust has spanned eras and has transcends changes in fashion since its debut in 1945. Due to this, it is one of the most recognizable watch models in the world.                      

The modern Datejust line comes available in a wide variety, ranging from 31 to 41 mm. Throughout the range, the models offer numerous options, including luxurious options, such as gold case materials, diamond bezels and decorated dials.                           

The watch featured above is from the "small range" of Rolex line. The Datejust Ref. 278285-RBR features an Everrose gold finish, a diamond bezel, a brown sunray dial, set with diamonds with diamond markers and an Oyster bracelet. 

Date 34

Another great "small model" option from Rolex's Datejust line for women is the Date 34. The example above is the Reference 115234, which has a 34mm Oystersteel case, white gold fluted bezel, pink sunray dial with diamond accents and an Oyster bracelet.


Day-Date 36

Initially presented in 1956, the Day-Date was a world first. The first watch to indicate the day of the week spelt out in full. It was the first waterproof and self-winding chronometer wristwatch to offer a modern calendar with an instantaneous day display, spelt out in full in a window on the dial, in addition to the date. At the time, it was worn by many world leaders, the Day-Date is available with a bespoke day display in a wide choice of languages.                                

The modern Day-Date line comes available in two sizes - 36mm and 40mm. Throughout the range, the models offer numerous options, including luxurious options, such as gold case materials, diamond bezels and decorated dials.                             

The watch featured above is from the "mid-size" range" of Rolex line. The Day-Date Reference 118346 features a platinum case, a diamond bezel, an ice blue sunray dial, set with diamonds and a President bracelet, set with diamonds.

Yacht-Master 37

As comfortable at sea as aboard a sailboat, the Yacht-Master combines character and performance. The waterproof and robust qualities of this model make it the ideal watch for water sports and sailing. The bidirectional bezel featured on the Yacht-Master is crafted from precious metals and features raised markers a matte finished background. The functionality of the bezel allows the to easily calculate timing intervals, such as the sailing time between two buoys.                 

The watch featured above is a 37mm model from the Yacht-Master line. The Reference 268622 features a platinum case and bezel, a dark rhodium dial and an Oystersteel bracelet.

Pearlmaster 39

If you want to reach for the pinnacle of Rolex's women's collection, look no further than their Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster line. The Pearlmaster represents the height of watchmaking elegance and style for the Oyster models, with the incorporation of precious metals and gemstones throughout all of its models.                  

The modern Pearlmaster line features a myriad of precious metal, gemstone and dial options. The level of decadence and decoration that can be incorporated into a watch model can be awe inspiring. Be prepared, however, for some sticker shock if you are looking to buy one of these beauties, they can be extremely expensive.                             

The watch featured above is a 39mm model from the Pearlmaster line. The Reference 86289 features a white gold case and bracelet, a white mother of pearl dial, set with diamonds and a diamond bezel.

And A Couple Of Bonus Watches... 



The Submariner is simply a classic watch, no matter who is wearing it. In today's watch collecting environment, it can often be seen worn by men as well as women. So, it is safe to assume that this 40mm dive watch can be categorized as "unisex" for our purposes and suitable amongst the list of choices for a Rolex model for women to consider.                                         

The model featured above is Reference 116610-LN, which represents the "classic" Submariner, with a date and magnifying "cyclops" on its sapphire crystal. It case and bracelet is crafted from 904L stainless steel ("Oystersteel") with a ceramic diving bezel insert.

Datejust 36

If you are like the look of a traditional Datejust, but want something slightly larger, the Datejust 36 may be a good option. The 36mm models are within the "mid-size" line of watches offered by Rolex and are the largest standard Datejust models that are offered with an optional diamond bezel.                   

The watch featured above is from the "mid-size" range" of Datejust line. The Reference 116244 features a Oystersteel case, diamond bezel, a  blue sunray dial set with diamonds and an Oyster bracelet.

Now It Time To Explore "The World of Rolex Women's Watches"...The World Is Your "Oyster"!                                                   

Now that you know a little more about what Rolex has to offer for women's watches, you have a better idea for the sheer variety that they have available. We encourage you to explore their website to search for your favorites and create your own "Grail". Have fun! 

(All Photos Credited to Rolex Watches)

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