All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go?

A Watch Gang Guide To Dress Watches

The "dress watch" has been one of the most popular styles of watch for decades. Their classic designs and timeless style make them a must-have in your watch collection. There is, however, differing points of view for what exactly a dress watch is and what is acceptable to wear with formal attire. In this article, we will discuss the attributes of this genre of watches as well as how to select the most appropriate watch for a formal event.

Generally, a dress watch is something that is designed to be worn with a suit or some other type of formal attire. Although this style of watch can easily be worn with semi-formal and even business casual attire, they are typically associated with formal wear, such as a dark business suit or tuxedo.  

So, what exactly are some of the characteristics of a dress watch? Perhaps the best way to describe a dress watch is: Simple and Elegant. Some may find this style of watch boring, but the purpose of a dress watch is to be understated and classically designed. Dress watches generally have a simplistic design, and commonly feature an easy to read dial, with three hands and a date complication. In addition, they are most commonly paired with a leather or alligator strap to create a sophisticated appearance.

In terms of size, the size of the watch case as well as the wrist of the person wearing the watch must always be considered. This is especially important when selecting a dress watch. The typical size of a traditional dress watch ranges from 35mm to 41mm. Ultimately, the most appropriate size for an individual is determined through trial and error. It is always recommended to try on as many dress watches as possible to determine which is the most aesthetically pleasing on your wrist and which has the best fit for formal attire.

Many see a dress watch as an investment, which can cost in the thousands of dollars. They are considered heirlooms which, if properly maintained, will last a lifetime. These watches feature cases made from yellow, rose or white gold and platinum, have in-house movements and exquisite finishing. 

However, in the past decade, dress watches featuring stainless steel cases have emerged in the market as a viable alternative to their more expensive counterparts. These watches offer the same styling as their more expensive counterparts, but at a much more affordable price-point. 

Just like most things in life, you should select the watch that best fits your style and lifestyle. If you want to wear a dive watch with formal attire like James Bond, go for it! At the end of the day, the best selection is the one that makes you most comfortable and what you feel looks appropriate for the occasion. 

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