Big Beard Business: A Watch Gang Review

Watch Gang Review

Big Beard Business

When Big Beard said he was down to try out a Watch Gang membership, we knew we were doing something right.

Big Beard Business is a popular fashion, fragrance, and grooming influencer who specializes in giving the latest word in men’s style to his network of thousands.

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Big Beard knew that he liked watches, he just didn’t know that much about them. Between the nuances in watch styles, movements, complications, and all the rest, there’s just so much to learn that it can be difficult without being exposed to all that’s out there. Check out what BBB learned after his initial membership with Watch Gang

With a Watch Gang membership, you can get a new, awesome watch every month (or quarter-- it’s up to you) that you get to keep. We send classic dress watches, divers, racers, sports watches, and more. In no time at all you’ll find yourself with a robust collection of great watches that you can pull from for any occasion. And on top of that, your watch knowledge is gonna grow super fast.

Another big thing Big Beard hits on is the fact that all of these watches are coming to you at up to 70% off the retail price.

This means that you don’t need to have an entourage to be able to afford a watch collection. When you have a membership, it’s guaranteed that every watch you receive is worth at least what you pay for your plan, though usually they are worth much more! 

Big Beard really hits on another major plus of a Watch Gang membership: automatic entry into our weekly Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Seiko giveaways...


As long as you’re an active member, you’ve got a weekly chance to win a TAG Heuer (every Tuesday), a Rolex (every Friday), a Seiko (every Saturday), Wheel Points (every Wednesday) and more!

Check out past Rolex, TAG, and Seiko winners.

If you’re not already in the Watch Gang, it’s time to get serious about upping your game. Get your Watch Gang membership started today, then head over and show some like-and-subscribe love to Big Beard Business’s YouTube channel and Instagram page.