‘Freddy’ for a Rolex?

Watch Gang Halloween

One, two, watches coming to you...three, four, better watch your door…

You don’t have to be dreaming to own a Rolex. In fact, you should probably stay awake at all costs. 

That’s because we give away a Rolex every single Friday and you do NOT want to miss it.

At Watch Gang, we’ve got something for everybody...even the undead. We’re proud to boast an incredible variety of watches fit for you, whether you’re a seasoned collector or a humble novice in a green and red sweater with a fedora and knife-gloves to match.

Pinch yourself if you have to, but as a Watch Gang member, you’ll save up to 70% on amazing watches ranging from artisanal microbrands to well-known titans of industry like Tudor, Breitling, OMEGA, and more.

On top of our Rolex Friday giveaways, we’re giving away something pretty much every day of the week. Check out our full list of giveaways below, and remember: Always double check your oysterlock clasp before nodding off...you wouldn’t want to wake up missing your Rolex!

TAG Tuesday: Live giveaway at 1:30pm PST** (View past winners here)

Wheel Point Wednesday: Live giveaway at 930am PST**

Social Media Thursday: Instructions posted at 12pm PST on Instagram and Facebook (Winners announced Friday)

Rolex Friday: Live giveaway at 12pm PST** (View past winners here)

Seiko Saturday: Instructions posted at 12pm PST (View past winners here)

**Watch Gang streams live on our Facebook and Instagram so make sure you’re following us there.