Kickstart Your Watches

Welcome to Watch Gang 101, an informational series that takes a deep dive into the wide world of watches. In this installment, we examine how to get your watch ticking after unboxing.

You’ve waited for this day for weeks and it’s finally here. Your new watch is a beauty, but one thing catches you off guard… It’s not ticking. If that happens to you, have no fear at all! Your watch just needs a little push to get going.

Activating Your Quartz Battery

Definitely the most common type of watch in the modern age, quartz batteries are extremely precise, durable, and long-lasting. Like Evan mentioned in the video, these quartz batteries can last up to 4 years without needing to be replaced. If you unbox your quartz-powered watch and it isn’t already ticking, look for a small plastic tab below the crown and pull it out. Those tabs are usually placed there to preserve battery power before it becomes unboxed. After you remove the tab, just push the crown in and your watch should start ticking away.

Winding Your Automatic

Automatics, or self-winders, get their power from a counterweight that moves inside the watch during natural movement on your wrist. Of course, they can also be traditionally wound via the crown as well. If you’re unboxing your automatic for the first time (or after more than a couple days of inactivity), place the crown in winding position and give it 7-10 turns to get it ticking. If you hear clicking as you’re winding, that’s perfectly normal. Once it’s wound, it should keep time as long as you wear it regularly. Your automatic will keep ticking for around 36 hours once you take it off, but you’ll need to wind it again to get it ticking after that. 

Charging Your Solar Watch

Powered by ambient light, your solar watch may not be running after it’s been sitting in a box for a while. If you need to charge yours up, all you need to do is set it in the sun or under a lamp for an hour or two. If you’re wearing your solar watch regularly, it should naturally keep charged throughout the day, meaning you won’t have to worry about juicing it up again.
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