Setting Your Villandry Rivoli

Welcome to Watch Gang 101, an informational series that takes a deep dive into the wide world of watches. The Villandry Rivoli is an elegant dress watch that boasts a pair of silver plated subdials. Learn how to properly set them and get your Rivoli up and running with this Watch Gang tutorial.

We’ve shown how to set a Villandry Moonphase, so in this installment we’ll show how to set another timepiece from their collection: the Rivoli. 

Featuring two subdials, a date window, and a hidden pusher, this French inspired dress watch can be set to reflect the day, month, and date in addition to the time. 

Watch the brief video to see how it’s done, then review the steps below as you walk through it yourself. 

As you can see, it’s pretty basic as far as setting subdials goes. Let’s recap the steps. 

The Subdials and Date Window

  • The left subdial shows the day of the week
  • The right subdial shows the month
  • Just above the 6 is the date window 

Setting the Date & Day of Week

  • Gently pull the crown into first position
  • Turn the crown clockwise to set the date window 
  • Reverse and turn the crown counter-clockwise to change the day of the week

Setting the Time

  • Pull the crown into second position
  • Turn the crown clockwise to set the time on the watch’s main dial 

Setting the Month

  • On the upper-right side of the watch near the 2, you’ll find the hole to the hidden pusher
  • Use the miniature tool that came with your watch and insert it into the pusher hole
  • Gently but with a little pressure, give the tool a push to change the month
  • The month will change one push at a time on the subdial

And that’s all there is to it! 

We know you’ll be setting your subdials like a boss in no time, but if you ever need a hand getting it done, reach out to us and we’ll have your back. 

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