February 2020 Watch Gang Rolex & TAG Giveaway Winners!

Ready to win a TAG Heuer or even a Rolex? This is the easiest way to get one! Become a member of Watch Gang and you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to win a TAG or a Rolex every week.

There's a lot of benefits that come with being a part of Watch Gang. However, one of our crowd pleasers is that each active member is automatically entered for the chance to win a TAG Heuer and a Rolex watch EVERY. WEEK.

For the past 3 years, we’ve given away hundreds of these luxury masterpieces, and as long as you have an active subscription, you could be next! 

Take a look at the video above for the winners from this past February 2020 alone!

How to Win 

As long as you’re an active Watch Gang member with a subscription watch coming next month, you’re automatically entered into our weekly drawings.

Even better news? We don’t just stop with Rolexes and TAGs. We have a giveaway almost every day of the week, including Wheel Point Wednesdays and Seiko Saturdays!

We’re always doing something special for our members, so make sure to keep your subscription active and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop!



Live Giveaway Schedule:

TAG Tuesday: Live giveaway at 1:30pm PST**

Wheel Point Wednesday: Live giveaway at 930am PST**

Social Media Thursday: Instructions posted at 12pm PST on Instagram and Facebook (winners announced Friday)

Rolex Friday: Live giveaway at 12pm PST**

Seiko Saturday: Instructions posted at 12pm PST (winners announced Tuesday)

**Watch Gang streams live on our Facebook and Instagram so make sure you’re following us there. And don’t forget to spread the watch love by sharing and liking what you see!

If you’re not a member yet, get in the Gang as soon as you can--you could be taking home a Rolex, Seiko, or TAG Heuer as soon as next week.

Subscribe here: https://www.watchgang.com/subscribe.php