WG 101: How Do Watch Gang Points Work?

Welcome to Watch Gang 101, an informational series that takes a deep dive into the wide world of Watch Gang. In this installment, we look at what exactly Watch Gang points are, how you can get them, and what they can do for you!

What Are Watch Gang Points?

As a Watch Gang Member you’ll be able to take advantage of Watch Gang points. Points are the key to unlocking a whole world of possibilities within your Watch Gang membership! 

You can get points a few different ways:

  1. Buy them
  2. Earn them
  3. Win them
  4. And sometimes we just give them away!

First off, you can buy them from inside your Watch Gang dashboard by clicking on the My Points tab, then the Buy Points button—the more points you buy at a time, the cheaper they are. Head back to the main dashboard page to see how many points you have and your transaction history. 

Another way you can earn points by creating unboxing videos when your Watch Gang shipments arrive. Shoot a video while you’re opening your new watch, and post it online with the hashtag #watchgangunboxing and you could be selected to win points. Check out some of our previous unboxing videos here! You can also earn points by referring new members! You’ll find your own unique referral link on the main page of your dashboard. Send that link to your friends! You’ll get 50 points each time someone signs up through your link, and they’ll get 50 points to start off with. 

Lastly, you can win points! Every Wednesday morning, we go live on Facebook and Instagram to randomly choose three of our mystery watch subscribers—each of those subscribers will win between 100 and 400 Watch Gang points! And if you comment and participate in Wheel Point Wednesday, there might be extra chances for you to win points during the show! We’re always looking for more ways to give away points, too, so keep an eye on our social media and monthly inserts for more contests. Who doesn't like free?!

What can you use Watch Gang Points for?

A ton of different things! Once you have them, you can...

THE WHEEL: Use your points to spin The Wheel of Watches, where you have the chance to get a watch worth WAY more than what you spent on your spin. Regardless, ANY watch you get from the wheel will be worth at least what you paid for the spin. You literally can't lose! Who doesn't love a sure bet?! Learn more about The Wheel of Watches here!

THE STORE: You can also use Watch Gang points to buy merch (check out our swag store here), or watches & accessories on store.watchgang.com.

CHARITY: You’ll also have the chance to put your points towards Grails For Good—our charitable giveaway where a portion of the proceeds of every entry goes to one of our partner charities, PLUS, you get a shot at winning a grail!

Start your Watch Gang membership and you’ll be leveling up your collection in no time. 

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