Happy Time

Ever wonder why watches on display always seem to be smiling?

It’s no secret that marketing images are specifically crafted to make you feel good about the product you're looking to purchase. Food companies make sure the milk in the cereal looks perfectly white. Clothing companies make sure there’s nary a wrinkle in sight on their garments. And watch brands have their own little bit of psychology-based magic, engineered to make you think good things about their timepieces... a little something called “happy time.” 

What is "happy time?" It's the simple act of having the hour and minute hands at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions to give the allure that the watch is smiling :)

It may seem simple enough, but the effect on the human brain is multifaceted. First, the smile subliminally improves your mood when viewed. Next, the brain loves symmetry, so the "smile" helps stimulate the brain to fire off some feel-good chemicals... seriously, it's science!

Many watch companies take further advantage of this by placing their logo right in the middle of that "happy time" formation so the good vibes from that smile rub off on the brand itself!

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