Oh. Hi Watch Gang (a parody of “The Room”)

Enjoy Watch Gang commit to some VERY poor acting in our parody of the 2003 cult classic, "The Room"


Johnny shares he didn’t win a Rolex from Watch Gang and goes to his roof to discuss the situation with his best friend, Mark and explains that Watch Gang sends him some amazing new watches every month!

Mark reveals that he used to be a member of another watch club once… but all the watches they sent fell apart.

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One of the most notorious cult films of all time is “The Room.” The 2003 film was written by, directed by, produced by and stars the mysterious Tommy Wiseau.

Originally conceived as a brooding, intellectual drama, the resulting film was anything but. It’s an absolute abomination that cost an estimated $6,000,000 to make and took in around $1,800 upon its release. The storytelling is erratic, the acting terrible, and yet…it’s hard to look away once you start watching! 

Just google The Room and you’re sure to find some greatness, but here’s some of the film's "greatest" scenes!