Watch Gang Unboxings | September 2020

Take a look at some of our favorite Watch Gang members' unboxing videos from September 2020.

September - Fall is here, and so is Ask a Stupid Question day on the 28th! With a slight chill in the air and the days getting a little shorter, means more time to spend inside unboxing your awesome new watches!

Our members got some really exciting pieces this month including the exceedingly-elegant Villandry Antique (Platinum):

...and the bold, rugged, chock-full-of-infomation RGMT Field Master (black):

For more info on what watches were sent out in September 2020, click here.

We love to see how much our members love their new watches just as much as we love sending them out!

Want in on the action? Every month, hit the record button when your package arrives, then upload your unboxing video to TwitterInstagramFacebook, or YouTube. To sweeten the deal, we'll give you 200 Wheel points if your video is selected as a winner! Make sure to tag it with #WatchGangUnboxing so we can find it, and we'll let you know if you win.

Wanna try and get a winning streak going? As long as you're an active member, you're automatically entered to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer, Seiko, and more every week.

Isn't this all too good to be true? Not a chance! Check out some of our past Rolex and TAG winners. Then take a look at our weekly giveaway schedule below.

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