Black Tier

Black Tier

Looking to take your watch game up a notch? Welcome to Black Tier, the next rung up the Watch Gang membership ladder.

Our $99 Black Tier collection bridges the gap between our Original and Platinum collections. These watches representing a wonderfully-balanced group of affordable luxury sports watches, dress watches, and casual watches, worth up to $500 and sure to suit every occasion. A perfect middle ground between everyday and extraordinary, these watches feature a mix of quartz and automatic movements, aspirational material choices, and are a prudent choice for collectors looking to advance their watch collection to the next level.

You’ll delight in the elevated craftsmanship and design that typifies a Black Tier timepiece. Our curated selections have been hand-picked to introduce you to styles and materials you may never have considered before. We’re not saying they won’t start to make you a watch snob, but we’re not NOT saying it either.

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