Original Tier

Original Tier

New to the world of watch collecting? Boy, do we have something great for you! Presenting our Original Tier watches, a curated collection of approachable, on-trend timepieces worth up to $150, perfect for everyday wear.

We’ll get you in the game by introducing you to an assortment of different styles. Chronographs, dive watches, dress watches, and everything in between. You’ll learn about the various functions and unique traits as you receive each new piece. Every month is a new watch journey. Our affordable $49 Original Tier is a great place to start. This foundational assortment of timepieces will introduce you to the world of watch collecting.

Don’t forget that all active Watch Gang members have a chance to win a Rolex every Friday, and you thought a new watch every month was great! We’re always looking for ways to surprise and delight our members. Sign up for Watch Gang HERE!

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