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Unboxing Videos

Unboxing Videos

Remember that feeling as a kid when you were opening your birthday presents? Remember how you wanted to have that happen all the time? Well, Watch Gang members get a new watch every month, which is basically like getting to open present every single month! Come see some exciting unboxing videos from our members.

Getting a new watch is so much more than just slapping it on your wrist for the first time. There’s an entire process of opening the package and unboxing that’s all part of the experience. Our members know this, and some have been inspired to upload videos of themselves unboxing their new watch treasures. Ah, that new watch smell.

Who knows? Upload yours to social media with the hashtag #WatchGangUnboxing and your video might end up featured next! (You might even win Wheel points!)

Want in on the fun? Join Watch Gang today by clicking HERE!

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